High tech gadgets and accessories for golfers

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Golf's Newest Gadgets Some are quirky and others are creative, but each of these high-tech items is super cool. By Josh Sanburn Full Swing Golf fullswinggolf.com, Prices vary with installation Full Swing Golf's 3-D golf simulation is arguably the best on the market, with incredible graphics and a sizable number of courses that you can play, including Pebble Beach, Oakland Hills and St. Andrews. The landscapes and detailed views of galleries and wildlife are stunning, but the system also offers real-time data such as ball speed and launch angle that can tell you a lot about your game.
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Adams Golf DiXX Blu putter adamsgolf.com, $399 The Dixx Blu from Adams Golf doubles as a state-of-the-art analyzer and a USGA regulation putter. At address, it has a level finding line that turns red when the putter isn't properly balanced. A digital screen attaches to the top of the putterhead to give you real-time feedback on your stroke path, impact and angle of the clubhead. After you finish practicing, you can replace the screen with the playing terminal to take the putter on the course.
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The RadarGolf System radargolf.com, $199 Never lose another golf ball with the RadarGolf System. Tiny sensors are placed inside the USGA-conforming golf balls that allow you to pinpoint exactly where your ball has landed.
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The Golf Mat thegolfmat.net, $229 You might not consider an artificial surface high-tech, but The Golf Mat simulates the feel of natural grass. Ordinarily when you hit on a mat, fat shots fly through the air almost as well as cleanly-struck shots because the clubhead bounces into the ball. But this mat bends and flexes when you hit down on the ball, so your results are much more like what you'll get on the course.
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Nike Golf sleeves niketown.com, $25 Sleeveless jackets, make room for jacketless sleeves. These moisture-wicking thermal sleeves roll up and over your arms like sausage casings to provide warmth without the bulk of a jacket. Stuff these compact arm warmers in your bag the next time you play and you'll be armed and ready for even the most unexpected cold front.
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Bionic Golf Gloves bionicgloves.com, $29.95 If you can get over the robotic-sounding name, these golf gloves feature anatomical relief padding that evens contact with the grip and helps prevent your club from twisting in your hands. "Motion zones" over rotation areas — such as your knuckles — promote natural movement, and web zones between the fingers help keep your hands cool and promote a better, more accurate fit. The glove also comes with extra padding in the palm to eliminate discomfort.
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Oakley Thump Pro oakley.com, $249-$299 If the rhythms of the driving range — the thump of irons on artificial turf, the clink of drivers at impact, the idle chatter of fellow ball beaters — aren't exactly your idea of a symphony, consider Oakley's Thump Pro, an MP3 player with ear pods built into a pair of high-definition Oakley sunglasses. This nifty multitasker allows your eyes to enjoy sun protection while your ears rock out and get down (or whatever the kids call it these days). There are no headphone wires to get tangled, and no distracting devices on your belt or in your pocket. Thump Pro stores up to 240 songs and is compatible with iTunes and Audible, giving users the ability to listen to their favorite audio books and podcasts. • Technology of Golf home page • Technology advances golf club fitting • Motion capture shows your swing in 3-D