The Healing Game: Wounded Warriors take on golf

1 of 7 Will McIntyre
With equipment, instruction and plenty of encouragement, golf manufacturers are helping Wounded Warriors get their lives in order. Austin Murphy recently told some of these solders' stories in Sports Illustrated, and here are some of his subjects. Marine Capt. Antoine Bates, above, isn't simply playing golf, he's getting better at it.
2 of 7 Will McIntyre
Bates is happy to be home, but will never forget those with whom he served.
3 of 7 Erica Lansner
One reason Breinne Travers loves the golf clinic is that it gives her a taste of the camaraderie she experienced in the Guard.
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Isabelle puts a smile on her father's face, but asking Mark Holbert to play golf from a wheelchair will elicit a different reaction.
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Holbert has less use for his wheelchair on the golf course. While many double amputees play by strapping themselves into a miniature cart called a Paragolfer, Holbert prefers to stand.
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With the help of his SMGA-assigned pro and a prosthetic, Nathan Kalwicki has started to find his old swing.
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On the golf team in high school, Kalwicki is thrilled to be back on the course.