Graeme McDowell’s Bag

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"I’ve been a Cleveland/Srixon player for a while now and the relationship has been really good for me," McDowell said.
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Says McDowell: "I’ve helped design the Srixon driver that’s in my bag at the moment as well as the G-Mac prototype putter. "
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"I worked with Srixon to develop my new Z 545 driver by giving them feedback on the head shape and the center of gravity location," McDowell said. "It’s improved my launch conditions, which helps me hit it a bit longer and straighter. I’ve got a Miyazaki prototype shaft on it now that’s been working well."
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"I mainly use Srixon ZTX forged irons, which I’ve played for several years now," says McDowell. "They’re pretty traditional looking irons at set up and have a nice feel. My 4-iron is a Cleveland 588 TT cavity back with a bit of a wider sole. The par-3s on Tour have gotten so long that I need an iron I can hit high and far."
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"I use Project X 6.5 shafts on all my irons – I’ve used them for years and they work for me," McDowell said.
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Says McDowell: "I’m a Cleveland 588 wedge guy. My pitching wedge is a Precision Forged 588 that’s bent to 47-degrees while my gap wedge and lob wedge are 588 RTX models. These are some of the most important clubs in my bag for scoring, so they need to be right. I use the same Project X 6.5 shafts in my pitching wedge and gap wedge that I use in my irons, but I use a softer shaft in the lob wedge. "
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"I’ve been using the same mallet style head for many years but this particular prototype is fairly new for me," says McDowell. "I’ve worked hard with Cleveland to develop a G-Mac version of their Smart Square line and I’m pleased with the results. This is still a prototype but you should be able to find it in golf shops some time soon."