Golfers and Celebrities Name Their Favorite Golf Course

1 of 8 Kohjiro Kinno/SI (Pebble Beach); Charlie Riedel/AP (Nicklaus)
"I fell in love with Pebble Beach the moment I set foot there to prepare for the 1961 U.S. Amateur. After playing the course what seems like hundreds of times over the years, it remains one of my favorite places to play golf. The first thing you can't help but notice is the location. The scenery is incredible. You just don't get opportunities to put a golf course on such a marvelous piece of property like you have at Pebble Beach. Aside from aesthetics, Pebble Beach is a great test of golf. It's a wonderful thinking-man's golf course. That's why it's such a great U.S. Open venue. It forces you to use your head, and it both toys with and tests your composure. You must keep your emotions in check or Pebble Beach will beat you."
2 of 8 Gary Lisbon (Melbourne); Press Association via AP Images (Faldo)
"I love so many aspects of the design: the way it plays firm and fast; the way the bunkering frames and almost intrudes into the putting surfaces; the brilliance of the bunkering style with its native "scrubby" look; the often ultra-wide fairways that reward the golfer who thinks where best to position the drive; the mix of long, demanding and short, intriguing par 4s; the splendid contouring of the greens; the rich variety of approach shots that you can play into those greens, thus encouraging and rewarding imaginative shotmaking, and the fact that there is often a brisk wind coming at you from every direction during the course of a round. As a proud Brit, I'm not sure I should be declaring that the best golf course in the world is to be found in the 'Land Down Under,' but it might just be true."
3 of 8 Patrick Drickey/StoneHouse Golf (Shinnecock); Robert Beck/SI (Lehman)
"If I had one last round to play in the U.S., it would be at Shinnecock Hills. They have 18 great holes — not a bad one in the bunch. The setting is spectacular, with the clubhouse on the hill and the breeze off the ocean. There's a great combination of long and short holes. When you set up the par-3 7th, a redan, for normal play — not like they had it in 2004 [at the U.S. Open] — it's superb. The 6th hole, the par 4 with the pond, is exactly what a long hole should be. Every hole fits the terrain perfectly. It's the greatest test of golf I know."
4 of 8 Larry Lambrecht (Muirfield); Rob Carr/AP (Player)
"Muirfield was the site of my first major championship, in 1959, so fond memories flow when I think of that beautiful place. My ancestors are from Scotland, and you'll never find more knowledgeable golf fans than the Scottish. I've always loved links courses, because no two days are ever the same given the elements. Just look back at the 2002 Open Championship. The weather on Saturday was so severe — I think Tiger shot 81 or something — while Sunday was just beautiful. From a design standpoint, I love the sharp, dramatic bunkering, and the fact that links golf gives you so many options to play all kinds of shots. Muirfield has stood the test of time, and that's the mark of a great design."
5 of 8 Mike Ehrmann/SI (Cypress); Chauche/Presse Sports via US PRESSWIRE (Slater)
"Eighteen is the only hole that isn't exceptional. It's just a great property going from the woods to the dunes and ultimately along the ocean. Not many courses have the luxury of a location like Cypress. To finish on the ocean is just a huge bonus."
6 of 8 Larry Lambrecht (Pine Valley); Michael J. LeBrecht II/SI (Sorenstam)
"It was a true test of golf. I just loved the layout; it's a tough course as its put a premium on course management. One of the beautiful and unique aspects of the course is there are no homes directly on the course, which allows you to really focus on your game. The course requires precision off the tee and the sand dunes certainly make it very tricky."
7 of 8 Joann Dost (Riviera); Dane Andrew/ (Krieger)
"I think it should easily be in the top 10 in the world. It's clearly the best course in the L.A. area. Riviera gives you room off the tee, but there's not a lot of roll and the wind blows off the ocean a lot, making some of the holes play incredibly long and tough. It's always fair though and the greens are normally perfect. Plus you can't really play bump and run shots because of the Kikuyu in the fairways. Hogan won the U.S. Open at Riv — what more can you say?"
8 of 8 David Cannon/Getty Images (Dornoch); Matt Sayles/AP (Douglas)
"Royal Dornoch is hard, a classic links course that runs right along the sea — it's a great mix of a magical setting with a course of really high quality."