Golf Magazine’s Fab Foursome Bracket Challenge: Round 1

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We're asking you to pick America's No. 1 celebrity foursome at or To preview the first round, we asked editors David Dusek, Jeff Ritter, Ryan Reiterman and Mike Walker to make their picks for the golfer they'd most want to play with in each first-round matchup. ARTISTS & ENTERTAINERS Jimmy Fallon vs. Jimmy Kimmel The Pick: Jimmy Kimmel Of course, if this was EA Sports' Tiger Woods PGA Tour video game, we'd go the other way.
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The Pick: Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas hosts a celebrity golf tournament with Heather Locklear and Alice Cooper. Catherine Zeta-Jones hosted the Wales Ryder Cup. As a side note, we saw Michael Douglas at a lounge in Manhattan. He was sitting at the bar drinking a cocktail, while we were drinking beer on the other side of the room. Look, not all celebrity sightings are exciting.
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The Pick: Bill Murray "Happy Gilmore" is a funny movie that happens to be about golf; "Caddyshack" is a golf movie that happens to be one of the funniest ever made. Advantage: Murray.
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The Pick: Clint Eastwood Just so we could say, when Eastwood stood over a six-footer, "A decent amateur golfer makes a six-foot putt about 50 percent of the time. So the question is, do you feel lucky?"
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The Pick: Will Ferrell "We don't know how to put this, Mark, but Will Ferrell is kind of a big deal."
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The Pick: Justin Timberlake We know when we have no chance.
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The Pick: Snoop Dogg Yes, Snoop plays well on bent-grass.
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The Pick: Halle Berry Of course, if this was an acting contest, Patrick's work in "BASEketball" might have put him over the top.
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ICONS OF GOLF Phil Mickelson vs. Arnold Palmer The Pick: Arnold Palmer We asked Tiger to cast the tie-breaking vote.
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The Pick: Butch Harmon But only if Butch plays with his 2000 swing.
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The Pick: Jack Nicklaus Tiger's not getting past Jack -- in the record books or in this bracket.
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The Pick: Rory McIlroy Poulter has the most Twitter followers, but McIlroy was the one who made Time's 140 best Twitter feeds. Of course, so did Anthony Weiner.
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The Pick: Paula Creamer Two of its biggest stars matched up in the first round? The LPGA just can't catch a break.
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The Pick: Fred Couples Golf's Most Popular Player is going to go far in this tournament.
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The Pick: David Feherty Nick would like to thank us from the heart of his bottom.
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The Pick: Lee Trevino Bring your own rubber snake.
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Donald Trump vs. Ivanka Trump The Pick: Ivanka Trump We think this is going to be the greatest matchup in the entire tournament. Oh, you disagree? Well, you're a loser.
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The Pick: Barack Obama However, Boehner still holds the "Beavis and Butthead" award for funniest last name in the House. (Sorry, Rep. Weiner.)
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The Pick: Mark Zuckerberg
 We can't wait for the Twitter movie though. OK, maybe we can.
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The Pick: George H. W. Bush The fastest-played match of the tournament. Put it this way: Kevin Na isn't going to be getting any invitations to Kennebunkport.
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The Pick: Bill Clinton We'd talk more about this match, but we don't think either guy will give us the chance.
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The Pick: Condoleezza Rice The Masters chairman won't top everyone's favorite pick for Augusta National's first female member.
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The Pick: Arnold Schwarzenegger Bad matchup for Gates. He would have eaten Zuckerberg's lunch.

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The Pick: Warren Buffet The match between one of the world's richest men and a former Supreme Court justice will be closely watched by daytraders and fans of pragmatic judicial philosophy.
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Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning
 The Pick: Tom Brady It could be the only time these two face each other all year.
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The Pick: Charles Barkley They found the one guy Chuck could beat.
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The Pick: Michael Jordan 
Even in a fan-voted, media-created popularity contest, Jordan's competitiveness is palpable.
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The Pick: Larry Bird This first-round matchup could go either way. Really depends on how many strippers vote.
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The Pick: Roger Clemens 
Is there a third choice?
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The Pick: Lindsey Vonn Afterward, Rice will announce his intention to become a professional skier.
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The Pick: Tony Romo Romo scores a rare playoff win.
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The Pick: Drew Brees 
Even his friendship with Sergio Garcia won't help Nadal against the 2010 SI Sportsman of the Year.
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