Golf Magazine Innovators 2013

1 of 5 Michael Falco
The Numbers Cruncher -- Mark Broadie, 55 Broadie, a Columbia professor, invented the strokes gained putting statistic and hopes his new book will help you make decisions that will lead to lower scores.
2 of 5 Dennis Scully / Dennis Murphy-D
The Fitting Pioneer-- Mark Timms, 49 Timms started HotStix golf, and now he runs CoolClubs, which uses state-of-the-art launch-monitor and fitting technology to customize your clubs.
3 of 5 Schecter Lee
The Multitasker -- Michael Jacobs, 34 Jacobs experiments with new technologies to pinpoint exactly what's causing your swing faults.
4 of 5 Angus Murray
The Trouble-Shooter -- Mitchell Spearman, 49 Spearman developed a smartphone app to analyze your swing no matter where you are.
5 of 5 Erik Isakson
The Triumvirate -- Jon Tattersall, 48; Terry Rowles, 41; Mark Blackburn, 38 These three teachers are using the latest technology and sharing data to get right to the problem of your swing.