Golf Innovators 2014

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David Feherty, 55, Co-founder of Feherty's Troops First Foundation: David Feherty is a former PGA Tour pro from Northern Ireland turned writer and broadcaster for CBS Sports and Golf Channel.
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Feherty started the process of becoming an American citizen in 2006 after returning home from a trip to Iraq to visit troops in Baghdad.
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Feherty on his media career: "In 1996, I got an offer from CBS to cover golf, right when Tiger Woods went pro. Talk about the luck of the Irish!"
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Feherty co-founded Feherty's Troops First Foundation in 2008: "We head up a number of initiatives focused on improving the lives of veterans, including helping them secure and maintain home ownership, showing them how to help other vets in their recovery, and introducing them to others, including their sports idols," said Feherty. "Everything that keeps this country free comes from the men and women who serve, and it's my great honor to have a platform to help them."
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Feherty, seen here in Afghanistan in 2011, is a tireless advocate for American troops.
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"If everyone reading this would pick just one veteran and do something to improve his or her life, and stay involved in that person's life, we'd all be a lot better off," he said.
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Mike Keiser, 68, Founder of Bandon Dunes Golf Resort: Mike Keiser surveys the land of what will become Cabot Cliffs, located in Nova Scotia's isle of Cape Breton. Keiser says the course is about a year away from completion.
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Keiser says a sixth course will be joining Bandon Dunes, Pacific Dunes (pictured), Bandon Trails, Old Macdonald and the par-3 Bandon Preserve. "The goal is to make it inexpensive for locals and to establish a caddie program for kids," he said.
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David Edel, 46, Founder and President of Edel Golf: It used to be that only professionals could get highly customized wedges, but now David Edel is working to give the amateur weekend golfer Tour-quality scoring clubs.
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"The next time you chunk a chip or blade a flop shot, don't blame yourself. Blame your wedge. Not only will you feel better, you'll be correct."
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Tom Leverton, 42, CEO of TopGolf: Tom Leverton says he's "making the game accessible to anyone, without all the barriers of a normal round of golf."
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At Tom Leverton's newest driving range outside of Dallas, computers, balls and targets all work together to tell you exactly how far you hit the ball, how close to the targets you hit it, and how many points you've earned with each shot using lightweight radio frequency identification chips embedded in the balls' cores.
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Chris Como, 36, PGA Pro & Young-hoo Kwon, 52, Ph.D.: Chris Como is a PGA pro and a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher, and Young-hoo Kwon is a professor of biomechanics at Texas Woman's University in Dallas. Together, they're debunking much of the accepted wisdom about the golf swing because, as Kwon says, "a lot of it was just plain wrong."
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Como is also about to receive his masters degree in biomechanics, but he's already incorporating Kwon's findings in the lessons he gives to golfers young and old.