Photo gallery of golf equipment at 2010 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach

1 of 22 David Dusek
twirled his Callaway FT-9 Tour Authentic driver on the range between shots Sunday. The same club is available at retail, but it's called the Callaway FT Tour.
2 of 22 David Dusek
Rock-Chalk headcover. He played for Kansas from 2003-2007.
3 of 22 David Dusek
reached for one of his highly decorated Callaway wedges. He does all the stamp work himself.
4 of 22 David Dusek
uses this classic—and rusting—Scotty Cameron putter.
5 of 22 David Dusek
The range at Pebble Beach Golf Links was buzzing on Monday as players prepared for the season's second major, the 2010 U.S. Open.
6 of 22 David Dusek
is going to depend on these Nike Victory Red Blade irons to help him win his fourth U.S. Open.
7 of 22 David Dusek
Woods, like other players, received a large bag of goodies from his sponsor. This Nike bag likely contained things like golf gloves, balls, commemorative shoes and other gifts for Tiger.
8 of 22 David Dusek
uses Cobra Pro CB long irons and Cobra Pro MB short irons.
9 of 22 David Dusek
(left), the 2008 Masters champion, talked about his grip at length with swing guru David Leadbetter during his practice session.
10 of 22 David Dusek
is considering taking out his TaylorMade R9 TP 3-iron and putting in this 2-iron.
11 of 22 David Dusek
looked to be half golfer, half Peep as he prepared for his round Thursday. Do you think he gets clothes to match his golf bag or a golf bag to match his clothes?
12 of 22 David Dusek
Cavemen used to carry clubs, but this one covers Steve Marino's Cleveland driver.
13 of 22 David Dusek
walked the entire length of the driving range at Pebble Beach before putting Tiger Woods's bag at the end. When he did, the fans behind the bag cheered, knowing they had chosen the perfect spot.
14 of 22 David Dusek
is no longer paid to endorse Gatorade, and this bottle of Powerade made it into his bag on Sunday.
15 of 22 David Dusek
comes to the the practice area prepared to stay for a while. You can't see them in this photo, but behind his bag are two sandwiches, bananas and an apple.
16 of 22 David Dusek
plays Ping S57 irons. But don't be surprised if he switches to the company's new S56 irons later this season.
17 of 22 David Dusek
from Spain uses old-school Titleist blades.
18 of 22 David Dusek
plays Mizuno's MP-62 irons.
19 of 22 David Dusek
is one of several players who added a 2-iron to his bag this week at Pebble Beach. With the fairways being so firm, it's a viable choice off many tees. Notice that Love's 2-iron is a cavity-back while the rest of his irons are muscle-back blades.
20 of 22 David Dusek
Nike driver is guarded by a Blue Monster headcover that he picked up at Doral.
21 of 22 David Dusek
zebra headcover.
22 of 22 David Dusek
is still using Cleveland CG Tour irons with a unique gun metal finish.