Fowler in Fashion

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Rickie Fowler has quickly established himself as one of the most recognizable figures on the PGA Tour. With his first Tour win, he gave substance to his flashy style.
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No color is safe from Fowler, who tends not to discriminate. He likes all of them, including purple, raspberry, and bright pink. Especially if they can be seen from 500 yards away.
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He mixes shades with abandon -- bright yellow and gray, lime green and royal blue -- adding big splashes of color to the traditional canvas of the game.
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Fowler's default mode is monochrome -- head-to-toe color of a single vibrant hue, whether powder blue, purple or orange.
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Early on, Rickie favored blazing orange, based on the school colors of his alma mater, Oklahoma State. With a touch of white here and there, he occasionally wandered into creamsicle territory -- but you couldn't miss him.
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Over time, Fowler and his apparel sponsor, Puma, began mixing in strong graphic patterns, like this vintage '70s-looking blue shirt (left), or an exploded hound's tooth.
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These two color-blocked golf shirts -- large graphic rectangles with stripes -- seem to explore many shades of green or blue (perhaps all of them) in a single garment.
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Rarely, very rarely, Fowler steps onto the course in clothes that look, well, normal. Understatement is not his game.
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At the Zurich Classic in April, Fowler dressed in custom old-fashioned golf togs -- full-cut trousers, tweed cap, jacket and tie -- for a vintage celebration. Not very Rickie.
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At the 2011 British Open, undaunted by wind and rain, he donned a white rainsuit with signature orange graphic detailing.
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Here's another rainsuit from the 2011 Open, in fairly sedate all-black. But note the white paint-splatter detail on the sleeve, a touch of abstract expressionism at Royal St. George's.
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You might call Fowler's style crazy, but it is crazy like a fox -- or should we say, a panther. It's an exercise in branding, inspired by the athlete's go-for-it personality, with legions of fans, especially young ones, emulating his Puma clothes and accessories.
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It takes a bit of courage to be different, just as it takes courage to stick an approach to five feet in a playoff. Fowler's big win at the Wells Fargo Championship marks him as a force to be reckoned with.