Forever Young: Add some punch back into your golf game

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If your game has lost its punch, it's not too late to fight back. Top 100 Teacher Kellie Stenzel explains how. Driving If you've lost flexibility and consequently distance off the tee, try this... Flare your right foot at address, which will make turning easier and also allow your hips to rotate with your shoulders in the backswing. Also allow your hips to freely rotate in the backswing (don't worry about restricting them to create X-Factor). By doing so you'll keep the strain off your back and will still be able to get the club into a proper position at the top. You'll find it's a lot easier to turn through your swing and create ample clubhead speed without straining your body.
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Pitching If you've lost your touch and ability to control short shots, try this... Change your set up so that yours swing relies more on physics than feel. Here's my formula: — Short pitch: Grip all the way to the bottom of your club and narrow your stance to the point where your feet are touching. The shorter lever and the limited flexibility will limit the distance you can pitch the ball. — Medium pitch: (photo, left) Hands mid grip, stance half its normal width. This will assist you in pitching the ball intermediate distances. — Long pitch: Hands almost to the top of the grip, stance your normal width. This set up is like that of a full swing, so be cautious and practice accordingly.
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Putting If your feel and nerves aren't as dependable as they once were, try this... Some seniors reach for a belly putter to calm their stroke, but there's another quick fix: wrap your fingers all the way around the putter grip to maintain control of the face. When combined with firm, flat wrists, keeping the fingers completely closed helps take the small muscles out of the stroke, which can greatly improve both distance control and accuracy. Also, get in the habit of holding your finish. When you hold your finish, you commit to holding still, a trait of many great putters.