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Balls of Fury High-flying orbs to suit your performance—and price—requirements. Bridgestone e7+ $27/dozen Construction: 3-piece, Surlyn cover It's for: Medium- and high-ball hitters who want a lower, more penetrating flight. The large core (2 percent bigger; 10 percent firmer than e6+) and inner cover (dark green) are engineered to create faster ball speed and reduced spin off the face so you can whack it farther. The firm's "seamless cover" technology contributes to consistent ball flight, while the dimple pattern and dimple depth promote a penetrating trajectory. Parting shot: Choose e7+ to lower your ball flight, e5+ to hit it higher with more backspin, or e6+ to reduce sidespin (limit hooks and slices). Other new Bridgestone balls: • Bridgestone B330, $43/dozen Construction: 4-piece, urethane cover, dual mantle layers It's for: Those who swing 112+ mph and prefer a firmer feel • Bridgestone B330-S, $43/dozen Construction: 4-piece, urethane cover, dual mantle layers It's for: Players who swing 103 to 115 mph and want soft feel
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Callaway HX Hot Plus $28/dozen Construction: 3-piece, ionomer cover It's for: Mid- to low-handicappers HX Hot Plus generates similar ball speed to HX Hot but with less spin off the long clubs. This tweak should give you improved distance. The rubber core is lower compression than HX Hot for improved feel. A thicker inner cover (clear) than HX Hot adds to overall softness. Hexagonal dimples reduce drag and make the ball more stable in flight. Parting shot: The firm's longest 3-piece ball is longer and softer than its predecessor.
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Nike One Vapor $30/dozen Construction: 3-piece, ionomer blend cover It's for: Players who swing 100 mph or less and want a high-spin ball The core has progressive densities—softest in the middle, firmest around the perimeter—to increase ball velocity and boost feel. In fact, the low compression core makes Vapor quite playable for those with average swing speeds. A lively polymer mid-layer (maroon) is used to boost initial velocity and, ultimately, distance. The soft ionomer cover adds to its consistent nature. Parting shot: This new ball fits a niche previously unaddressed by Nike. Other new Nike balls: • Nike One Tour, $45/dozen Construction: 4-piece, urethane cover It's for: Better players, One Platinum groupies • Nike One Tour D, $45/dozen Construction: 3-piece, urethane cover It's for: Better players, One Black converts
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Srixon Z-Star $40/dozen Construction: 3-piece, Urethane cover It's for: Skilled players who want max control over their short game T he wafer-thin, soft urethane cover provides serious spin around the green. A new urethane coating increases spin by 500 rpm (vs. previous coating) on shots from rough. Shallow dimples plus an invisible seam (where the two halves of the ball are joined together) contribute to its penetrating flight. The large core—gradually firmer from center to perimeter—is designed to maintain a high launch while limiting driver spin. Parting shot: Z-Star replaces the ZUR-S ball. Z-Star is an acronym for "Spin, Trajectory, Acceleration and Resilience." Another new Srizon ball: • Srixon Z-Star X, $40/dozen Construction: 3-piece, urethane cover It's for: Good players, ZUR-C loyalists
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Wilson Staff Zip $22/dozen Construction: 3-piece, Ionomer cover It's for: Better players who play by feel The "zero compression" core aids feel and leads to lowspinning shots with the big clubs. This spin reduction should improve accuracy and overall distance. A soft polymer mantle layer generates higher ball velocity than a standard Surlyn mantle, for added distance. The soft cover creates spin on scoring shots. Large, shallow "pan head" dimples increase lift and decrease drag for higher flight. Parting shot: The new hexahedral dimple pattern provides more surface coverage for improved in-flight consistency. Another new Wilson ball: • Wilson Staff Fifty Elite, $18/dozen Construction: 2-piece, ionomer cover It's for: All skill levels More Golf Ball Content: • Golf Ball Buyer's Guide • Gallery: Balls used by golf's top 10 players • Callaway's new Diablo and HX Hot Plus • Titleist updates the Pro V1 and Pro V1x for 2009 • Srixon releases the new Z-Star ball