New putters from Scotty Cameron, Heavy Putter, Nike, Mizuno and Odyssey

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$169; Steve Boccieri, President and CEO: "Our new Mid-Weight putters (750 grams) are great for those who find the original Heavy (900 grams) to be too much of a jump from a standard 500-gram putter. Going lighter than 750 causes you to get into the bad habits of a regular putter." How it works: The K4 (similar style to Ping Zing) enables you to make a short, aggressive, accelerating stroke. The high balance point should increase feel and consistency on lag putts. This putter is the Heavy Putter's first "toe-droop" model—Boccieri says that even though research shows that face-balanced heads deliver more consistent performance, his company understands that legions of golfers still prefer the look and feel of toe-droop putters.
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$249; Bob Bettinardi, Master Miller and Putter Designer:"My inspiration for it comes from the Tour. Some guys out there are going back to tried-and-true designs and are quite happy to try our newest milled creations. The BC7 is the ultimate in classic performance. It's modeled after the famous putters used by Palmer, Nicklaus and Crenshaw. This one has F.I.T. face technology and looks so good at address." How to works: The sleek, heel-toe weighted blade is milled from one piece of carbon steel for consistent feel and roll. The patented "Feel Impact Technology" (F.I.T.) face reduces the surface area that the ball touches at impact. The effect is a soft, solid sensation. A black chrome finish should limit glare on bright sunny days.
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$99; David Franklin, Club Designer/Putters: "The OZ 2 lends itself to a true 'feel' stroke. If you're the kind of golfer who gets over a putt and becomes one with the putter, this design will give you the feedback that you're looking for. The face is precision milled using a process known as 'flycutting.' I guess that term is used because material flies everywhere when it is being done, but the result is a perfectly flat face." How it works: This classic blade starts with a textured, tacky midsize grip. The traditional "toe-hang" head promotes an open-tosquare path while a soft (green) polymer face insert provides smooth feel. The lightweight insert (63 percent lighter than aluminum) frees up mass that's moved to the head's perimeter for added stability.
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$89; Austie Rollinson, Principal Designer: "Our new Crimson Series (550, 660 and 770) features Tour-inspired head shapes and Odyssey's patented insert technology for great feel and performance. The Crimson 660 putter is constructed from 431 stainless steel, has a crank-neck hosel and a 'Stronomic' face insert that generates firm feedback and responsiveness." How it works: This traditionally styled blade is part of Odyssey's new "value" line (less than $100). The resilient polymer insert delivers a pleasing click with precise feedback. The full shaft offset sets your hands ahead of the clubface at address. An alignment line should help with setup and consistency, so you'll drain more putts.
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$299; Scotty Cameron, Master Putter Craftsman: "Different golfers require putters of different lengths, weights, body and neck configurations. Our Studio Select line delivers a wide range of specifications and options to accommodate a broad spectrum of golfer requirements. All Cameron putters are made from the finest materials to the most precise specs, as demanded by the PGA Tour." How it works: The milled head is made from soft stainless steel for a sweet sound and feel. Weight screws in the heel and toe increase head stability. The Newport 2.7 comes in five length and weight combinations to suit various feel and performance preferences. Available combos include a 35" length with two 10-gram screws; a 34" with two 15-gram screws; a 33" with two 20-gram screws; a 35" Heavy that features two 15-gram screws; and a 34" Heavy with two 20-gram screws.