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$43/dozen; It's for: All skill levels with swing speeds 105 mph or lower Ball-fitting options: Twenty-five "ball fitting" teams conduct "Bridgestone Ball Fitting Challenge" events around the country. Find locations near you at What else is new: The B330-RXS ball delivers more greenside spin than the original B330-RX, due to the 12 percent softer cover.
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$43/dozen; It's for: Better players Technology: Callaway's softest ball generates more spin on short shots than previous models. The four-piece ball has a low-compression "dual" core consisting of a soft inner core (to decrease driver spin) and firmer outer core (to increase wedge spin). Improved dimple aerodynamics reduce in-flight drag for longer distance. Ball-fitting options: The online ball-selector tool at recommends an orb based on your responses (player preferences) to three simple questions. What else is new: The four-piece Tour i(z) targets a broader audience, feels firmer and focuses more on length than the Tour i(s).
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$30/dozen; It's for: 0 to 20 handicappers with slower swing speeds (80+ mph) Technology: An updated rubber core (softer compression) increases ball speed off the big clubs versus One Vapor. The polymer mantle layer (same as in One Tour and One Tour D) boosts velocity, too. A new dimple design creates higher flight, while the ionomer cover produces more short-game spin than "distance-type" ionomer covers. Ball-fitting options: Nike's IFS (Intelligent Fitting System) software and launch monitor capture ball speed and driver spin. Proprietary "zone fitting" method pinpoints proper ball for you. Get fit at Nike demo days or select retailers. What else is new: The Nike Crush ball (two-piece construction), for those who seek straighter flight and longer distance.
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$40/dozen; It's for: Highly-skilled players with swing speeds of 105+ mph Technology: Same construction (urethane cover, mantle layer and core that graduates from soft center to firmer perimeter) and performance as the current Z-Star X. Yellow paint job has a hint of green in it. According to Srixon, the yellow ball is easier to see in flight than white, while green has a calming influence. Ball-fitting options: Snazzy "ball selector" tool at, plus in-store fitting chart. What else is new: The Z-Star Tour Yellow ball has a slightly softer cover for softer overall feel.
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$30/dozen; It's for: All skill levels who want added distance with short-game control Technology: A "faster" dual core and improved aerodynamics (new dimple pattern) should trigger incremental distance gains. Soft Fusablend cover is more durable than in the previous NXT Tour. Its "alignment integrated marking" (A.I.M.) sidestamp can be used to line up the ball prior to stroking your putt. Ball-fitting options: "First tee" experience at 1,000 courses (includes two-ball sample packs). "Tech vans" stage 500 fitting events using TrackMan launch monitors. At retail, interactive touchscreen displays and selection booklets. What else is new: The NXT ball promises longer distance (and straighter flight) than the NXT Extreme.