Is Chris Evert a performance enhancer?

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Evert Effect Is Chrissie a performance enhancer? During his improbable run at a third British Open, 53-year-old Greg Norman said, "The least of my worries was getting out there and practicing. My mind has really been elsewhere." He was referring to his new wife, former tennis star Chris Evert, 53, whom he married on June 28 in the Bahamas. He's not the first man to thrive when his mind was on Chrissie. Consider the following.
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Jimmy Connors. The temperamental lefty got engaged to Evert in late 1973, then proceeded to win three Grand Slam events — the first of his career — in '74. They broke up not long after he won the third, the U.S. Open, and he went winless in the slams for two years.
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John Lloyd. The Brit grass specialist was fruitless in big events — until he married Evert in 1979. From '82 through '84 he won his only three Grand Slam titles and appeared in another final (all in mixed doubles with Wendy Turnbull).
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Andy Mill. When Evert married the former Olympic skier in 1988, he had been retired for seven years. But the Evert magic couldn't be denied. Mill took up deep-sea fishing and before long became known as the world's best tarpon fisherman.