Golf equipment seen at the 2010 Barclays Championship – PGA Tour

1 of 9 David Dusek
Golf balls of every brand and type are available to the pros on the range.
2 of 9 David Dusek
3 of 9 David Dusek
keeps the personalization of his classic-looking Titleist MB 710 irons simple, opting for a red A.
4 of 9 David Dusek
isn't shy about his love for Oklahoma State. He has his Titleist irons decorated in orange.
5 of 9 David Dusek
missed a significant part of the 2010 season due to injury, but he is back now and so is his beloved Oklahoma Sooner driver headcover.
6 of 9 David Dusek
uses Ping G15 irons, as well as vintage Ping Eye2 wedges that have been made with grooves that now conform with the new rules.
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equipment is guarded by a gecko.
8 of 9 David Dusek
arrived on the range at Ridgewood with three drivers and three putters in his bag.
9 of 9 David Dusek
stopped practicing for a few minutes to get a lesson on how to properly hold a microphone.