Average Joe Workout: At-home golf exercises

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Sure, you want to be fit, but you're busy. And a six-pack is something you drink, not something you sculpt in the gym. Luckily, LPGA Teaching Professional Karen Palacios-Jansen will whip you into shape with these easy, lickety-split exercises you can do during commercials. (See Karen's full workouts at nikegolf.com.)
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Assume your setup with a 32-ounce bottled drink in each hand. Alternately punch toward your opposite shoulder, smoothly and as fast as you can. Suck in your gut as you punch, which works your abdominals. Do three sets daily, 30 seconds each. (If you use a carbonated drink, wait for five minutes after the workout before opening the bottle, unless you've just won the Ryder Cup.) Benefit: Builds core strength
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Grip a club down at the steel — so you don't take out any low-hanging chandeliers — and assume your setup position. Put one foot behind you, using your rear foot's toe for balance, and stand on the other. Make slow swings back and through on one leg. Do it for 10 seconds, then switch legs, three times each daily. After a few days, lift your rear foot off the floor entirely. Benefit: Improves swing balance
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Assume your address position while holding something heavy, like a large dictionary. Keep your head down as though you're looking at the ball and make a slow-motion swing. Maintain your golf posture throughout and do 10 seconds of super-slow swings, then 10 seconds of medium swings, and 10 seconds of fast swings. One set daily. Benefit: Develops on-course stamina
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The simple, classic squat — it's so easy you can do it while holding a bottle of beer. Take your setup position, extend your arms, and then squat down as far as you can for 10 seconds. Do this three times daily, and gradually work up to 30 seconds per squat. Then, drink to your health! Benefit: Promotes better swing stability