GOLF Magazine reviews game-improvement irons designed

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Adams Idea a3 $499, steel; $599, graphite; We tested: 3-5 in Grafalloy ProLaunch Red graphite shaft; 6-PW in True Temper Players Lite steel shaft. Shaft Length/loft (6-iron): 37.875"/29° Company line: "Our hybrid iron set has breakthrough shaping and category-leading MOI, as much as 70 percent higher than other leading hybrids. The set transitions to hollow-back middle irons and cavity-back short irons." Our Test Panel Says: PROS: Three different head designs provide a club to get you out of any kind of trouble; hybrids are clearly longer than standard long irons; innovative concept blends three head types into one set with relatively traditional-looking lines; small, rounded heads on short irons offer reliable control. CONS: Strong feedback could be too much when you miss the sweet spot; steel-shafted irons don't always seem to match graphite hybrids; surprisingly, off-center hits with irons lose noticeable distance. Rate and Review this club
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Wilson Ci7 $499, steel; $599, graphite; We tested: 3-9, PW, GW in True Temper TX-105 steel shaft. Shaft length/loft (6-iron): 38"/29° Company line: "Our midsize head delivers the look of a Tour iron with the forgiveness of an oversize iron. Its central notch accentuates perimeter weighting and the thin face delivers maximum power. Elastomeric paint in the cavity reduces vibration by one-third." Voted Best for Feel Our Test Panel Says: PROS: Terrific combo of tour-style feel with game-improvement forgiveness; medium-low, controlled flight still provides plenty of carry; equally easy to dial in off a short tee or around greens; powerful head frames the ball nicely; mis-hits are clearly felt; adequate distance forgiveness; lets you use whatever skill you have; cuts through rough like butter. CONS: Some might be put off by enhanced feedback on poor contact; more suited to player who requires only a little forgiveness than someone who needs maximum help. Rate and Review this club
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Titleist AP1 $699, steel; $899, graphite; We tested: 4-PW in True Temper Dynamic Gold High Launch steel shaft. Shaft length/loft (6-iron): 37.5"/29° Company line: "The body is cast of soft 431 stainless steel. Upper and lower cavities are designed to optimize weight distribution to the club's perimeter. An elastomer cushion on the central support bar dampens vibration for outstanding feel." Our Test Panel Says: PROS: Misses are pushes or pulls, not hooks or slices; a consistent, predictable ball flight; easy to hit high or low; only the slightly thicker topline at address gives it away as a game-improvement club; reacts to the draw command; subtle, classy look; fairly crisp at impact, the dampening insert cushions impact nicely so there's no harsh vibration; very comfortable on chips. CONS: Not for those players who really want to shape the ball; clubhead can get tangled in thick rough; at times, can be challenging to hit a fade. Rate and Review this club
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TaylorMade Burner XD $899, steel; $1,099, graphite; We tested: 4-PW in REAX Superfast Steel 90 steel shaft. Shaft length/loft (6-iron): 37.25"/26° Company line: "The thin, flexible and fast titanium face promotes increased ball speed. The oversize, stable head is extremely forgiving and easy to hit. A cavity badge behind the face manages sound." Our Test Panel Says: PROS: Powerful, long-hitting clubs; plenty of weight low drives shots up; comfortable, clean look at address; pleasing distance correction on misses; sole seems to glide, not bounce, on heavy contact; meaningful correction available on all but your worst shots; high, soft landings are perfect for those looking for more greens in regulation. CON: Muted, almost negligible, sensation on good contact; better at finding a green than the pin; much stronger off a tee than turf. Rate and Review this club
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Ping G10 $699, steel; $899, graphite; We tested: 4-9, PW, UW, SW in Ping AWT steel shaft. Shaft length/loft (6-iron): 37.25"/30.5° Company line: "The thickness and shape of the 'custom tuning port' stabilizes the face and provides discretionary weight, which is repositioned to the low toe and perimeter for maximum forgiveness. An elastomer insert helps to produce a solid feel and sound." Voted Best for Forgiveness Our Test Panel Says: PROS: It pardons your mistakes; plays quite silky; high, soaring straight ball flight makes it impressive off a tee; chips are under control with this midsize head; better-than-average distance; great combination of accuracy and forgiveness, keeps mis-hits in play; easy-swinging long irons; very soft, shock-absorbent feel; laser-guided accuracy. CONS: Offset can lead you too far left if you're not careful; smooth feel all over the face means less feedback on mis-hits; easy to draw but much more difficult to fade. Rate and Review this club
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Nike Slingshot 4D $599, steel; $699, graphite; We tested: 4-9, PW, AW in Speed Step SL steel shaft. Shaft length/loft (6-iron): 37.75"/30° Company line: "Progressive offset, sole width and clubhead size boost forgiveness and control. The Slingback is positioned low and back in long irons, higher and forward in short irons, to produce the desired ball flight." Our Test Panel Says: PROS: Meaty clubhead aids misses; the best Slingshot model so far; cushioned feel mutes harshness of mis-hits; works fine from most lies; head accounts for toe misses; the 4D is helpful if you have an unyielding slice; certainly serviceable on downhill and sidehill chips. CONS: Less consistent from the rough than fairway; built for forgiveness, but could use more versatility; testers prefer more finesse around the green; appears a little clunky to some guys. Rate and Review this club
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Cobra FP $499, steel; $599, graphite; We tested: 4-GW in Nippon NS Pro 1030H steel shaft. Shaft length/loft (6-iron): 37.5"/30° Company line: "Face profile is rounder, less trapezoidal, than last year's version. Has reduced offset and a shorter blade length. A urethane sole insert moves up to 20 additional grams to the heel and toe, for optimal MOI." Our Test Panel Says: PROS: Solid, workmanlike performers; easy to align, significantly improved look versus last year's FP; dependable combination of accuracy on good swings and damage control on bad ones; shots fly well out of rough; several guys rave about the above-average feedback; straight balls are this club's preferred shot. CONS: No glaring weaknesses, but doesn't stand out performance-wise against other models tested; average distance; FP is forgiving, but not quite as playable as panelists hope for. Rate and Review this club
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Cleveland CG Gold $599, steel; $699, graphite; We tested: 3-PW in True Temper Actionlite Flighted steel shaft. Shaft length/loft (6-iron): 37.25"/30° Company line: "The thick topline, longish blade and offset inspire confidence at address. 'Gelback' technology is vibration-tuned for exceptional feel and to absorb harsh vibration on mis-hits." Our Test Panel Says: PROS: The rear plastic unit gives these an almost squishy soft feel on chips; digs through rough like a tiller and elevates shots; sweet spot gives adequate room for error; produces high flight with good carry; good for the guy looking to break 90; nice simple click on full shots and the ball is gone; rounded edges and brushed metal give it a smart look. CONS: Only moderate response on ballstriking; not among the best distance-wise for off-center hits; big head can be clumsy on chips. Rate and Review this club
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Callaway FT $1,099, steel; $1,299, graphite; We tested: 3-PW in Callaway FT graphite shaft. Shaft length/loft (6-iron): 37.5"/30° Company line: "A lightweight hot titanium face produces fast ball speeds and allows more weight to be moved to the perimeter for an increased effective hitting area and better forgiveness. The Tunite Cradle allows an astounding 80 percent of the clubhead's total weight to be moved to the extreme perimeter." Our Test Panel Says: PROS: Most maneuverable irons from the tee; quite adept from uneven lies; creamy feel that still differentiates between center and off-center hits; compact head and thin topline are a welcome sight; low and mid-handicappers should appreciate the combination of feel and versatility; testers tout the responsive graphite shafts; very forgiving sticks. CONS: Some find these too hot to dial in around greens; others say the FT can lack oomph getting through rough. Rate and Review this club
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Wilson Ci7 $ 499, steel; $ 599, graphite; Plain and simple, these clubs have your back. Redistributing head weight, through the use of an undercut cavity, builds in stability. Our average Joes revel in the soft, sweet instant feedback, the above-average carry distance and sporty amount of helpfulness. Testers are also pleasantly surprised by their ability to hit longer irons. At the same time, these are precision tools that would allow better players to attack tough pins. • ClubTest Home Page • ClubTest Index Page • Fairway Woods • Hybrids • Irons: Max Game-Improvement • Irons: Better-Player