Six new golf balls to match your game

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Six new balls offer specific flights, feel and spin to match your game. Bridgestone Tour B330 $40/dozen; It's for: Low handicappers Construction: 3-piece A softer cover than the previous B330 leads to greater control on scoring shots. Its core was reengineered to create a larger difference in compression between the soft center and firmer outer layer, and that equals higher launch and less spin, aka longer drives. Slightly deeper dimples trigger a more penetrating flight. B330 is marginally harder than the B330-S.
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Maxfli Tour Fire $30/dozen; It's for: Mid and low handicappers Construction: 3-piece Maxfli has been quiet recently in the better-player market. That's about to change. According to company designers, the Tour Fire offers lower compression (75) for softer feel and a livelier mantle (the layer between core and cover), for faster ball speeds and for greater distance than competitors' balls. The Iothane cover offers spin and control on finesse shots.
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Nike One +Platinum $40/dozen; It's for: Low handicappers Construction: 4-piece The latest One Platinum features an updated dimple pattern for higher ball flight and more carry distance. A softer urethane cover (47 shore D vs. 50) delivers smoother feel and more spin on short shots than the previous One Platinum. Its reworked core (softened inner core and firmed-up outer core) contributes to lower spin rates off the driver.
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Srixon AD333 $20/dozen; It's for: Moderate and slow swingers Construction: 2-piece The AD 333 has a new cover formula with strong micro-crystal structure. That's fancy talk for improved resilience (maintains ball velocity) without affecting cover softness. Six different dimple sizes increase surface-area coverage. Improved aerodynamics means the ball descends at a shallower trajectory, which keeps it airborne longer for more carry.
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Top-Flite D2 Feel $16 for 15-pack; It's for: Mid and high handicappers Construction: 2-piece For years, Top-Flite was the leader in "distance" balls. Now the firm is touting D2 as its longest ball, due to a "dimple within a dimple" approach that improves lift and reduces drag. The D2 Feel has a thinner, softer cover than its sister products, the D2 Distance and D2 Straight. A "crosshair" visual aid painted on the ball helps with aim while putting.
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Wilson Staff Fifty $16/dozen; It's for: Mid and high handicappers Construction: 2-piece This ball's total compression (50) would've been equated years ago with a "dead" ball. But this one is relatively soft and lively. The secret ingredient is its low-compression, yet resilient, rubber core. (Expect additional super low-compression balls in the future.) A durable, soft ionomer cover delivers adequate feel and spin on wedges and short irons.