Bizarre Tiger Moments From His Career

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Woods makes off-color jokes in GQ Woods's first strange moment in the public eye was his 1997 interview in GQ, where his quotes included a series of dirty jokes. The story is often cited as the impetus for Woods's testy relationship with the media.
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Streaker at the 1999 British Open Yvonne Robb stripped down to her underwear during the 1999 Open at Carnoustie, surprising Woods as he waited to putt. Moments later, she planted a kiss on Woods's cheek. She was fined $160.
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Stevie swipes fan's camera at 2004 U.S. Open At the 2004 U.S. Open, Steve Williams confiscated this camera from an off-duty police officer in the gallery. Williams actually had several run-ins with galleries during his time on Tiger's bag. At the 2002 Skins Game, Williams famously snatched a fan's camera from around his neck and tossed it into a nearby lake after the fan clicked a photo that disturbed Woods.
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Awkward high-five at 2005 Masters In the final round of the 2005 Masters, Woods made one of the greatest shots of his career when he chipped in on the 16th hole and went on to win his fourth green jacket. But after the ball dropped into the hole, Woods and Williams shared what might be one of the worst high-fives in the history of sports.
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Booed at 2009 Cal-Stanford game Woods was introduced at halftime of the 2009 Stanford-Cal game, where he was inducted into the Stanford Hall of Fame. His short speech was interrupted when Cal fans loudly booed him.
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The infamous accident On the day after Thanksgiving 2009, Woods's life changed forever. He was involved in a one-car accident just outside his home near Orlando. It set off a tabloid frenzy and led to Woods admitting he had affairs with several women. Woods soon announced an indefinite leave from golf to try to repair his marriage.
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Jaimee Grubbs steps forward As Woods's mistresses began to step forward, none caused more embarrassment to the golfer than cocktail waitress Jaimee Grubbs. In cooperation with US Magazine, she provided the tabloid with 300 text messages and one highly incriminating voice mail that went viral practically overnight in December 2009.
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The Apology Woods made his first public appearance after the accident at a surreal news conference in February 2010. He apologized for his actions, and said he was going to return to therapy.
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Payne Criticizes Tiger Masters Chairman Billy Payne criticized Woods's behavior in a press conference before the 2010 event at Augusta. "Our hero did not live up to the expectations of the role model we saw for our children," Payne said.
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Earl "Speaks" From Grave Nike unveiled a bizarre Woods ad during the 2010 Masters, where Woods stared at the camera while the voice of his deceased father, Earl, lectured him for his infidelity.
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Message From Above At the 2010 Masters, a plane overhead toted a banner ad for Woods, who said during his public apology that he was going to rededicate himself to the practice of Buddhism.
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The Neck Injury Woods's comeback attempt was repeatedly derailed in 2010. Far out of contention in the final round at the Players Championship, Woods walked off the course on the seventh hole after injuring his neck while hitting an iron shot.
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Cigar Guy At 2010 Ryder Cup, Woods shanked this chip shot, but made a celebrity out of the fan in the background dressed as Miguel Angel Jimenez (far right), who became known as "Cigar Guy."
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Hot Dog Guy In the final round of the 2011 Open, a fan threw a hot dog at Woods as Tiger was preparing to putt. The dog landed about 20 feet away from Woods, and the fan was quickly arrested.