Big Play: Michelle Wie at SBS Open

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Big Play By Brad Redding Who: Michelle Wie What: A sliced three-wood tee shot into a water hazard Where: 396-yard par-4 11th hole at Turtle Bay When: Final round of the SBS Open Why: Wie's water ball was caused by bad timing, but her back-nine meltdown won't hurt her psyche or slow her progress. She's simply going through the learning-to-win process that she never had as a youngster because she skipped junior golf, which is when most prodigies hone that skill. Close calls like last week's are building blocks that, along with her Mickey Wright-like swing and monster distance, will turn Wie into one of the most dominant players in history.
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When your hands and body get out of sync, you'll have a timing problem. Fix it by taking a normal backswing and pausing at the top. Keeping your back to the target and your weight over your right leg, slowly swing down so the club stops just before the ball.
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Next, swing back to the top, pause, pump down again and return to the top. Finally, swing away, replicating the feel you had with the pumps. Redding teaches at The Resort Club at Grande Dunes in Myrtle Beach, S.C.