Best Quotes of Week: U.S. Open

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“For the most part they've been very good. Obviously there's a little group that are trying to be funny and stand out. And they shout a little bit louder than the rest. But the only thing I have to say is they're not very, how you say it, like the things they yell, they're very common. They're not very creative.” --Sergio Garcia on heckling from fans at Merion.
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“I told him that this is the best setup I've ever seen for a U.S. Open.” --Phil Mickelson on his chat with USGA executive director Mike Davis during Mickelson’s first round at Merion.
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“If this is a regular Tour event, we'd be doing better. The U.S. Open just seems to intimidate.” Padraig Harrington on high scores at Merion this week.
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“It died. It's been 42 years ago. No snakes live 42 years. Come on, man. Where the hell ‑‑ what did they teach you in journalism school?” --Lee Trevino on whatever happened the the rubber snake he threw at Jack Nicklaus before their playoff in the 1971 Open at Merion.
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“I think I was leading the Tour the last couple weeks. I don't know what you're talking about.” --Tiger Woods to a reporter who asked why Tiger isn’t putitng as well as he did “five, six, seven years ago.”
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“I felt like a dork making it, but it was all good, all in good fun.” --Steve Stricker on his new Avis commercial where he says, without emotion, "I'm a savage.".
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“It just enhances my disdain for the USGA and how it manipulates golf courses." --Zach Johnson on Merion after missing the cut at 11 over.
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“Miss the cut by one, miss the cut by 40, it doesn't really matter. But you lose an event by one or two, and it sticks with you for awhile.” --Jim Furyk on why missing the U.S. Open cut at Merion doesn’t hurt as much as his near misses at Oakmont and Olympic.
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“Philadelphia as a golf town is incredible. From a historic standpoint this truly is one of the great towns and great cities and great cultures for golf anywhere in the United States." --USGA executive director Mike Davis on why he’d like the U.S. Open to return to Merion.
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“My dad might have had a 1‑iron but it was a Ping Zing? Something like that? Was it? So if he can hit one, I should be able to.” --Rory McIlroy on whether he can hit a 1-iron.