Best Quotes Of The Week: McGladrey’s Classic

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"I'm now hanging up the clubs for a little bit, so it's going to be nice."--Tiger Woods after playing his first tournament in a month.
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"I want to be an Olympic athlete. I think it would be really cool. I think it would be a life experience. It would be something that I never thought would happen because golf’s never been in the Olympics." --Phil Mickelson on what he’s looking forward to in his career.
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“It’s just not possible to get 144 [players] around in less than 4 hours, 40 minutes.”--Former PGA Tour commissioner Deane Beman on why the PGA Tour gets a bad rap on slow play.
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"If you're going to go there in December, January or February, it's cold. It doesn't play like it does in April. I mean I enjoy it, but I don't go that often." --Zach Johnson on playing Augusta National during the winter.
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“Spending your own dime makes it a little different. It's more pressure that you put on yourself to play well.” --Tommy Gainey on how the game is different for players who don’t come from money.
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“He said he'd give me 10 to one. So I had a little hundred bucks, but I also said, ‘Look, if I do manage to catch you and pass you, we will have a nice night out and you have to pour my drinks for the evening.’ I think a thousand bucks isn't an issue to him but pouring my drinks all night might be a big problem.” --Ian Poulter on betting Henrik Stenson that he could pass Stenson in the Race to Dubai standings before the end of the season.
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“When a rules man gives you a ruling, that’s it. Amen.” --Gary Player on why Tiger Woods was correct to continue playing at the 2013 Masters after receiving a two-stroke penalty after he had signed his scorecard.
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“He’s goofy, like dorky goofy.” --Lindsey Vonn on boyfriend Tiger Woods.
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“The PGA [Tour] has made exception after exception after exception, both with regard to whom it was administering this drug policy, and against whom it was disciplining, violators of the drug policy.” --Vijay Singh’s lawyer Peter Ginsberg alleging that the PGA Tour selectively enforces its drug policy.
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“I could have made lots more money playing in Asia, but I really want to play in Australia. One of the insights into why I’ve done well recently is because I’ve taken money out of every decision I make. I’m back playing for the love of the game.”--Adam Scott