Best Quotes Of Week: Kapalua

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“I am the last of the caddie players.” --Miguel Angel Jimenez on starting in golf as a caddie.
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"I need a few ‑‑ I don't need one." --Dustin Johnson after being asked if he could have a mulligan on one shot at a major, which would it be. Johnson had great chances to win the 2010 U.S. Open, the 2010 PGA Championship and the 2011 British Open.
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“It’s not really my personality to be the enforcer, but it didn’t take long to figure out what Tiger wanted.” --Steve Williams on caddying for Tiger Woods.
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“I mean, it’s just like anything else. Just he played golf for a living.” --Nick O’Leary on his grandfather Jack Nicklaus.
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“We woke up, played Pine Valley, had lunch, and flew from there down to Augusta, and it was still early enough, because it was such an easy little flight, that we got to the cottages there by No. 10 and it was 70 degrees and no wind. We said, Why don't we go out there, we've got a couple hours to kill. So we played the back nine at Augusta, and then had dinner there, woke up the next morning, played 18, had lunch and left." --Jordan Spieth on playing Pine Valley and Augusta National on the same day.
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"I don't want guys to get bummed out when they get paired with me. I didn't even know in high school and college golf that I was slow. No one ever said anything." --Ben Crane on trying to play faster.
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“You can bring me white rice or brown rice, just let me doctor it up. Don't be putting any of that Fung-man-egg-choo stuff in there." --Boo Weekley on enjoying the feed when he plays in Asia.
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“I won a major in 2011 and 2012 but not in 2013, so I’ll try to make up for that with two this year.” --Rory McIlroy on trying to bounce back after a disappointing 2014.
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“Irons are irons. I think irons are probably the easiest thing for us to change, maybe wedges, too, especially if you stay with the same grinds. But the driver and the ball and the wood seem to be pretty particular for me.” --Jason Dufner on changing out clubs at the start of the season.
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“Tiger’s not closing out the deal, and guys aren’t scared, like what Zach Johnson did at Sherwood. Before, guys just wouldn’t do that against Tiger. So, it's getting much harder for Tiger. Guys aren’t wilting.” --Johnny Miller on Tiger Woods' prospects in 2014.