Best Quotes of Week: John Deere Classic

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"That 4-iron just went 285.” --Tiger Woods on how fast and firm Muirfield is playing this year.
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“The way I play probably reflects the way I am off the course.” --Phil Mickelson on his risk-taking style of play.
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“He has every chance to do well again, as he did at Turnberry in 2009.” --Colin Montgomerie on 63-year-old Tom Watson's chances at the 2013 British Open.
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"He's just being nice." --Tom Watson on Colin Montgomerie predicting that Watson could contend at the 2013 British Open.
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“It’s like a piece of wood.” --ESPN The Magazine's naked cover model Gary Player on his abs at age 77.
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"We'll be able to offer something that no one in the area, in the state and at this point in the country can offer." --Pete Duffey, the managing director of Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio, on purchasing two hovercraft golf carts for the course.
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“You want an Open title by your name. To finally get it, even though it's a Senior Open, I still regard it as a very high honor.” --Kenny Perry on winning the U.S. Senior Open.
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“I think he’s in love for the first time. It’s a wonderful feeling, and it’s distracting.” --Johnny Miller on strugging Rory McIlroy [in photo with girlfriend Caroline Wozniacki].
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"The fact that this organization is using his zinger, I know he would just be doing cartwheels, actually." --Joan Dangerfield on the USGA using her late husband Rodney’s “While we’re young” line from Caddyshack in the USGA’s new pace-of-play campaign.
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“I went through a period of years there where I put a lot of pressure on myself to try and win one, and I'm kind of over that now, too.” --Major-less Steve Stricker on his decision to skip the 2013 British Open.
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"I can’t believe players who take the flag out [when off the green]. There’s a reason they make you take it out on the green." --David Feherty on CBS Sports telecast of the John Deere Classic.