Best Quotes Of Week: The Barclays

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“I was okay with Rory and hitting up off the tee and checked with Phil prior to them doing that and he was okay that. But we had no intentions or didn't say anything or was going to allow them to hit their second shots into the green, so I'm not sure where the guys at the PGA got that idea.” --Rickie Fowler on the controversial end of the PGA Championship.
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“Hey, Rory. You mind if we hit up?” --Phil Mickelson to Rory McIlroy after McIlroy teed off on the 18th hole of The Barclay pro-am Wednesday.
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“I don't know if anyone has any really clue what maybe they are looking for.” --Hunter Mahan on whether winning The Barclays would help his chances of a wildcard pick for Tom Watson’s U.S. Ryder Cup squad.
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"I'm not going to let you win a green jacket next year" --Tiger Woods to Rory McIlroy.
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"I take it on the chin. It was my fault. Everything's my fault and I should be bigger and stronger and better than that." --Bubba Watson on criticism of his behavior at the 2014 PGA Championship
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"I still got three million for my second, so it's not too bad." --Rory McIlroy on not winning the 2012 FedEx Cup despite winning two of the four playoff events.
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"I don’t want to have my name stuck with him forever. I’m my own person. I have my own career." --Caroline Wozniacki on her breakup with Rory McIlroy.
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"I was in charge of hooking up the Slip’N Slide for the kids. Walked around, all of Target, all of Wal‑Mart, couldn't find one. Sat in the car for about an hour fighting traffic and when I got back, I thought, boy, my back doesn't feel very good right now." --Matt Kuchar on hurting his back before the PGA Championship
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“Sometimes when I dislike the guy I'm playing, and it doesn't happen that often, but if I really don't like the guy I'm playing, sometimes it's more difficult because I want to beat him so bad, I find myself trying so hard." --Jim Furyk on why it's sometimes harder to play against someone you don't like.
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"I don't see us being underdogs. I think we've got a great squad." --Jimmy Walker on the U.S. Ryder Cup team.