Best Quotes of the Week: 2014 McGladrey Classic

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“It was huge when we got there. Huge. I mean it was sketchy. I almost died the first day, literally drowned.” --Will MacKenzie on a recent Nicaragua surf vacation with Adam Scott and Nick Flanagan.
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“Every day at noon I have a reminder on my phone that says I'm the best putter in the world.” --Russell Henley on the importance of being confident on the greens.
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“If it was a bit of banter, that goes on in the locker room all the time. This is the problem with Twitter. When things are not said face to face they get blown up. I’m quite sure Ian Poulter has been called a little girl plenty of times in his life and he has retorted. But clearly Ted Bishop is in an important position and you have to be careful what you tweet when you are in that position.” --Padraig Harrington on Ted Bisho’s “lil girl" comment.
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"I have great remorse that my comments contained the words ‘little girl’ because I have always been a great advocate for girls and women in golf." --PGA of America President Ted Bishop after calling Ian Poulter a “little girl” on Twitter. The PGA of America removed Bishop after the tweet.
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“I feel like we kind of lost '12 and I feel like they won this year. I got over '14 really quick. I don't know if I'm completely over '12 yet, probably because I feel bad for Davis.” --Zach Johnson on why the U.S. Ryder Cup loss in 2012 hurt more than 2014.
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“One of the silver linings on these things would be if foursomes golf could develop some traction in the U.S.” --Tim Finchem on the U.S. Ryder Cup team’s dismal 1-7 record at alternate-shot at the 2014 Ryder Cup.
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“Didn't watch one minute of the Ryder Cup. Followed it a little bit; had some friends on there. But I wasn't too interested in golf or what was going on in the golfing world during that time period.” --Jason Dufner on not watching golf while recovering from injury.
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“I'll definitely have a few beers. Maybe some other stuff also, champagne, I don't know. Whatever I can get my hands on, I'll drink it.” --Thorbjorn Oleson on how he’ll celebrate his win at the IPSA Handa Perth Internatonal.
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“If you look at the schedules of all the best almost in history, really they have never overplayed. The best never overplay. I know that tournament sponsors don't want to hear that. Nobody wants to hear that.” --Geoff Ogilvy on the importance of taking time off from golf.
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“He's feeling pretty good." --Tiger Woods’ agent Mark Steinberg on Tiger being able to hit balls again on the driving range.