Best Major League Baseball Players Who Golf

1 of 10 Robert Beck/SI
Yankees 1B 2009 stats: .292, 39 HR, 122 RBI; Golden Glove, second in league in MVP voting, MLB All-Star Handicap: 10 Best part of his game: "Driving accuracy." Worst: "Mid and long irons." Favorite course: Peachtree Golf Club (Atlanta)
2 of 10 Al Bello/Getty Images
Phillies CF 2009 stats: .292, 10 HR, 62 RBI; Gold Glove, MLB All-Star Handicap: 12 Best part of his game: "Driving." Worst: "Every other aspect." Favorite course: Makena Beach & Golf Resort (Maui)
3 of 10 Joe Robbins/Getty Images
Nationals LF 2009 stats: .260, 24 HR, 61 RBI Handicap: 8 Best part of his game: "Iron play." Worst: "Chipping." Favorite course: Pebble Beach
4 of 10 Jamie Squire/Getty Images
Twins Relief Pitcher 2009 stats: 2-2, 2.10 ERA, 47 for 52 in save opportunities; MLB All-Star Handicap: 10 Best part of his game: "It all needs improvement." Worst: "Short game." Favorite course: The Golf Club at Scottsdale
5 of 10 John Biever/SI
Twins Catcher 2009 stats: .365, 28 HR, 96 RBI; AL MVP, Golden Glove, MLB All-Star Handicap: 7 Best part of his game: "Depends on the day. I just can't piece it all together." Worst: "Chipping." Favorite course: The Challenge at Manele (Lanai)
6 of 10 G Fiume/Getty Images
Free Agent 2009 stats: 9-12, 5.44 ERA Handicap: +2 Best part of his game: "Driving and short game." Worst: "Mid-irons. I drive the ball so far that I don't hit many mid-irons." Favorite course: La Gorce Country Club (Miami Beach). Also Pebble Beach, Olympic, and Teeth of the Dog.
7 of 10 Walter Iooss Jr.
Tigers 3B 2009 stats: .230, 27 HR, 84 RBI; MLB All-Star Handicap: 6 Best part of his game: "Driving ... followed by search and rescue" Worst: "Putting" Favorite course: Augusta National
8 of 10 Nick Laham/Getty Images
Twins SS 2009 stats: .228, 1 HR, 38 RBI Handicap: 0.5 Best part of his game: "Putting." Worst: "Long irons." Favorite course: Grayhawk (Scottsdale, Ariz.)
9 of 10 Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images
Rangers 2B 2009 stats: .253, 31 HR, 86 RBI Handicap: 8 ("But it should be down to 6 by spring.") Best part of his game: "Getting off the tee." Worst: "Everything else." Favorite course: "Arthur Pack, now known as Crooked Tee, in Tucson. I grew up playing there."
10 of 10 Chuck Solomon/SI
Mets RF 2009 stats: .280, 15 HR, 76 RBI Handicap: 5 Best part of his game: "Putting." Worst: "Chipping." Favorite course: Muirfield (Scotland); Merion (Philadelphia)