Best Dressed Golfers

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To celebrate New York Fashion Week, Golf Magazine's Jessica Marksbury compiled her list of the 10 best dressed players to grace the links. Disagree with her choices? Tweet your thoughts to @Jess_Marksbury. 10. Payne Stewart People either love or hate the plus fours. But Payne was fully committed to this throwback look, and while he had a few color clashes, it often worked very well, especially in this photograph from the 1995 Open Championship at St. Andrews. The setting couldn't be better for Payne's look: the iconic 18th at the Old Course, the R&A Clubhouse looming in the distance, Payne's superb left arm extension at the top of his swing, and his glorious tartan plus fours. Timeless.
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9. Bill Haas Bill Haas is no risk-taker in the fashion department, but that's precisely what I like best about him. He's dependably traditional, outfitted in two of golf's most iconic brands: Titleist and FootJoy. Haas has an athletic build, but his look is classic: polos that are roomy without being too baggy, tailored trousers in natural materials, braided leather belts and golf shoes with saddles and wing tip details. He may not be flashy, but he always looks polished and professional.
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8. Graeme McDowell I first fell for Graeme's sartorial sensibility when he won the 2010 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach wearing his gray cardigan with a salmon pink polo. What a combination! He looked immaculate in the winner's circle against the misty gray of the Pacific and the green of the fairway. Now, McDowell's affinity for cardigans seems to have faded in favor of zip-up pullovers, but he's still one of the few players on Tour capable of showcasing bright, colorful plaids and white belts with a natural flair.
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7. Alvaro Quiros Not only does Alvaro choose the elements of his Callaway wardrobe well, he also wears the clothes better than just about anyone else on Tour. He tends to favor a slim European cut in his polos and trousers, and it works really well on him. Sources at Callaway say he's extremely involved in the design process by offering lots of feedback on prototypes and fabrics. I like him because he's trendy and modern, but maintains an air of old-school refinement.
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6. Ian Poulter Bold, brash and playful, Poulter's clothing line, IJP Design, shares the attributes that define its founder. The bright tartans and neon accents may be alienating to some, but next year's collection offers an array of soft color palettes and subdued prints. Poulter stands out because no matter what he's wearing, he always looks tailored. Most importantly, you can tell that he's passionate about his wardrobe and enjoys what he wears, and that enthusiasm is contagious.
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5. Fred Couples Couples appears on this list not as a testament to his aptitude for pairing shirts with pants, but more importantly, for his status as the regular guy's golf fashion icon. From his classic cotton Ashworth clothes to his famously sockless Ecco Golf Streets (he single-handedly ignited the spikeless golf shoe trend at the 2010 Masters), Freddie oozes cool, and never looks like he's trying too hard.
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4. Adam Scott No best-dressed list is complete without Adam Scott. Admittedly, as a longtime Burberry endorsee who now sports the UK-based luxury brand Aquascutum, the affable Aussie has an unfair advantage over the competition. But this look from Scott's third round at the Open Championship earlier this year is my favorite of 2012, thus far. Argyle can easily look grandfatherly, but Scott's pairing of the oversized red, gray and white argyle print sweater with white trousers? Gorgeous.
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3. Tiger Woods Year after year, tournament after tournament, Tiger always looks fantastic. He's made subtle changes to the cut of his wardrobe over the years, but the result is always flawless. He mastered the solid-color polo/trouser combination long ago, but lately, I like the fact that Tiger has been experimenting with some fun modern prints like the one pictured. He's always perfectly coordinated from top to toe, and with his athletic build and premium Nike TW ensembles to choose from, it's pretty much impossible for him to look bad.
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2. Ben Hogan While there are many players from bygone eras worthy of mention on this list (Sam Snead, Bobby Jones, Walter Hagen), Hogan is my personal favorite. Not only did he possess perhaps the greatest swing of all time, he was also perennially dapper in his iconic cap, tailored trousers and fitted shirt. Ben Hogan could do no wrong!
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1. Arnold Palmer Arnie is golf's king in so many ways, but in addition to his dominance on the course and off, he is also the best-dressed player ever. Tan, fit and handsome, he wore his clothes like no one else. Throughout his career, Palmer adopted the style influences of the day and made them his own. Earlier this year, Geoff Tait and Bobby Pasternak of Quagmire Golf released the "Arnie" line, paying homage to Palmer's iconic looks over three decades. The King's style endures like no other.