Ryder Cup fans Team USA Europe

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The American flag doubles as wings. Also, bonus points for getting autographs across his chest.
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A blend of American and Scottish culture here.
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This raucous group, named "The Keepers of the Cup," arrives at the first tee grandstands at 3 a.m. to secure their spot and serenade each European player as they enter the tee box.
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This attire leaves nothing to the imagination. He's rooting for USA.
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Uncle Sam travels to Gleneagles.
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The hair, the hat and the flag. A perfect blend.
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Several different uses for the American flag pattern here.
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When in Scotland, wear a kilt.
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Michael Jordan isn't really dressed that well, but he's such a dedicated fan, we could not leave him out. He was on the tee at 7 a.m. this morning waiting for the opening tee shots.
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The Minnesota Vikings travel well.
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Stars and stripes.
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These rowdy fans keep the energy on the first tee alive each morning.
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We're not sure what team these guys are cheering for.
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These guys are rooting for Europe or the Tin Man.
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These fans are cheering for Europe.
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Fans of Martin Kaymer!
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A photo of a photo from the first tee.
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Wigs and flags as capes is always a good combo.
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A European-themed onesie!