Off-Beat golfer endorsements, sponsorships

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Thanks to Jim Furyk, 5-Hour Energy got plenty of airtime during the 2012 U.S. Open. After watching him come up short in the home stretch Sunday, perhaps it's more like four-and-a-half...
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The pairing of a lost-in-the-wilderness former No. 1 player in the world and caffeinated jerky makes more sense when you learn that Duval's caddie, Ron Levin, is a minority partner in Perky Jerky. The company claims that Perky Jerky, available in beef and turkey, was invented when someone accidentally spilled an energy drink in a bag of beef jerky, which must be true because they "never joke about meat snacks." That makes them the only ones.
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Tiger Woods was the perfect pitchman for Accenture until his infamous car crash on Thanksgiving 2009. That made one airport ad in particular seem to have more than one meaning. It read: "The Road to Performance Isn't Always Paved."
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A good old boy to the core, Boo loves Firethorn's hunting-inspired camouflage golf shirts.
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In "Arnold Palmer: Memories, Stories and Memorabilia," the King admits that he wasn't shy about putting his name on a product. "Okay, some of the stuff was silly. At one point we had Arnold Palmer soap, an Arnold Palmer floral bouquet from FTD, and even Arnold Palmer Christmas trees. My face and name have appeared on watches, wallets, windows, and wheelchairs. Most of the stuff was interesting and useful but I got talked into a few real doozies."
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Any company that hires Daly knows that it's taking a risk, but even Long John had to see the irony of simultaneously endorsing TrimSpa and Hooters, purveyor of hot wings and other hot stuff.
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Sabbatini marches (briskly) to the beat of his own drummer, which might explain why he carried the logo of foam football maker Nerf on his golf bag. Surprisingly, Nerf does not make a golf product, which would probably be the greatest office game of all time. What are you waiting for, Hasbro?
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The three things that Woody Austin will be remembered for: 1. Finishing runner-up to Tiger Woods at the 2007 PGA Championship; 2. Falling into the water at the 2007 Presidents Cup; 3. Those awful-looking Team Tabasco golf shirts.
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Robert Wrenn, winner of the 1987 Buick Open, isn't from Alaska, but neither was his sponsor. "Eskimo Pie is headquartered in Richmond Va., where I live," Wrenn told The Orlando Sentinel in 1988, "and they were looking for an innovative way to advertise. After I won the Buick Open, though, it got out that I don't eat sugar, which didn't sit too well with their advertising."
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Huston promoted the benefits of Weight-Rite shoes, and the USGA was listening. Prior to the 1990 Honda Classic, the USGA told Huston he couldn't wear the performance-enhancing shoes because they contained a wedge on the outside of the shoe that kept a player's weight over the inside of his feet. This story has a happy ending, though. The company sent him a USGA-conforming pair, and Huston won the tournament anyway.