Baggage Handlers

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Callaway Hyper-Lite 4.0 ($160): The "4-point double strap system" transfers weight evenly across your shoulders to limit possible discomfort. The well-conceived "XTT Flex Foot Base" technology ensures a stable platform when you set the bag down, which virtually eliminates slipping during leg activation.
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Nike Collegiate Carry ($150): The "Double-Single Quick Clip Strap System" enables you to quickly transform your bag from two straps to one -- a handy feature if you often play with a caddie. The "Woven Air" revolving double strap system provides cushioning and even weight distribution. Extra amenities include a waterproof fleece-lined valuables pocket and a zip-off pocket.
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Ogio Velocity ($170): Made of lightweight, high-tensile materials, the Velocity check in at less than four pounds. Ogio's "Air Flow System Tech Shoulder Strap" enables air to circulate in as body heat escapes. The "O-Shox Suspension Strap System" absorbs the bag's downward pull as you walk, reducing strain on the upper body.
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Ping 4 Under ($135): Dual-sliding straps can be adjusted while you're walking and the double-bend "Mantis" legs retract smoothly, so it's easy to pick up and put down the bag. Composed of lightweight, durable nylon, the 4 Under (Ping's lightest stand bag) features a four-way mesh top with two individual dividers.
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Sun Mountain Swift ZG ($180): The Swift ZG combines the best of Sun Mountain's popular Zero-G and Swift X models. Wrapping the cleverly designed belt around your waist transfers the majority of carrying weight to your hips (much like a hiking backpack). The result is improved posture, less upper-body fatigue and reduced twisting and bouncing -- a true walker's delight.
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TaylorMade Micro-Lite 2.0 ($140): Ergonomic, ventilated shoulder straps redistribute the bag's weight to make the load feel lighter, and an integrated top handle makes it easy to set the bag down on the ground. "Fast Action Snap" technology allows common accessories such as your range finder to attach securely and conveniently to the bag.
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Titleist Lightweight Stand ($165): A polyurethane handle is integrated into the top of the bag for easy lifting, and a cart-friendly bottom (it fits securely in both motorized and pull carts) makes it a solid choice for walking or riding. Also included is a towel ring, umbrella cord, matching zippered rain hood, Velcro leg-lock strap, and mesh-covered, foam-filled hip pad for additional comfort.
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Wilson Staff Feather Carry ($130): Don't be fooled by the nostalgic old-school look -- this bag is packed with modern amenities, including a waterproof, velour-lined "electronics" pocket and Wilson's i-Pure ion patch, strategically placed so that it rests on your back when you carry the bag. The technology releases negative ions into the body to minimize lower-body stress and improve overall performance.
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Datrek Sabre ($150): Composed of weather and tear-resistant polyester, the Sabre comes stocked with a scorecard holder sleeve, Velcro glove holder, and an insulated water bottle pocket. Riders will appreciate Datrek's leg lock system, which keeps the legs secure on a cart, and walkers will be thankful that the legs are made of lightweight reinforced aluminum with rubber feet for additional stability.
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Mizuno AeroLite Micro ($100): Finding the right club is a snap with Mizuno's Kabuki Organizer Top Cuff. The company's "Divide and Slide Technology" uses the clubheads' natural weight to separate them, ensuring easy accessibility. In the comfort department, the bag's AeroStrap provides triple padding in the shoulder harness while the Airmesh Hip Pad encourages ventilation and reduces perspiration build-up.