Augusta’s New Landmarks

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Amen Corner, Magnolia Lane, the Hogan Bridge over Rae's Creek-Augusta National's famed points of interest are part of every Masters. But there hasn't been a new one since the Nicklaus Plaque in 1998. Maybe it's time for ...
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Phil's Footprints Outlined on the 18th green: the imprint of his one-inch vertical jump in 2004.
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Little Red Book Nook Where patrons read Harvey Penick's tips and watch tape of Ben Crenshaw.
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Gay Men Corner Where Augusta's gay fans (a.k.a. gaytrons) ogle Adam Scott, Tiger, Camilo Villegas and other Tour hunks-because These Guys Are Cute.
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Plinkers' Memorial Honoring all the short hitters who'll never win now that Augusta National is 180 yards longer than Doral's Blue Monster. Fore short!
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Fountain of Swoosh There's no signage at Augusta National, but Tiger's 2005 chip fixed that. Pin placement meets product placement!
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Martha Burk Dogwood Fortunately, its bark is worse than its bite.
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Hoch As in Oak This shade tree, planted after Scott Hoch, um, mis-stroked a 30-inch putt to lose in '89, shadows the 10th green.
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Norman Bridge Front-runners beware ... there's a trapdoor!