Ask the Top 100: Hockey Player with a Hook

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Ask the Top 100: Hockey Player with a Hook By T.J. Tomasi Top 100 Teacher A reader, and hockey player, recently wrote in about inconsistency and a nagging hook. In this day and age everybody is talking about spin. But while they're taking ball spin, I'm talking shaft spin. If you want to put a cork on that snapper, stop spinning the shaft. For consistency the clubshaft should not turn (spin) independently on it's own axis as you coil/uncoil because that drastically opens or in your case, closes the face. Your Drill To monitor how much your shaft spins, take your stance and place a tee between the thumb and index finger of your top hand so it points to the sky. Stop your swing at each of the following points to make sure that it does: 1. At address it's pointing at the sky.
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2. At the end of your takeaway, where your club is parallel to the ground, it's pointing at the sky.
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3. Half way into your downswing, where the club is parallel to the ground, it points at the sky again.
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4. At impact its back to where it started, looking at the sky.
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5. After impact where your shaft is parallel with the ground, the tee is ... "Alex, I'll take 'Objects that are still looking at the sky' for $1000." If the tee is in the right position at all of these points, then the shaft is moving but not spinning, and your clubface is more likely to be in the correct position at impact. Need swing help? Ask a Top 100 Teacher