The Art of Golf

1 of 9 Charles Lees
"The Golfers," by Charles Lees The highlight of Atlanta's High Museum of Art's "Art of Golf" exhibit is this famous Charles Lees painting, which shows a match at the Old Course at St. Andrews.
2 of 9 Tos Kostermans
"Tiger making the hole" by Tos Kostermans Size 100 cm x 130 cm; Acrylic on canvas; Price: 5750 Euro - 8000 US Dollar; Limited edition litho on paper or on canvas is available; Prices starting from 650 Euro / 900 US Dollar (contact the artist at [email protected]). Follow the artist on Twitter at @ArtofTos and see more paintings here.
3 of 9 Glen Brogan
"You Cussin' With Me" by Glen Brogan 10" x 13" digital print; sold out. For more information on Glen Borgans's "Please Post Bills: an art tribute to a comedic legend" exhibit of Bill Murray paintings, visit here.
4 of 9 Steve Sunenblick
"Let the Big Dog Hunt" by Steve Sunenblick 17" x 24"; Giclee prints, Numbered and signed by the artist; Price: $150. Steve Sunenblick is an award-winning artist with studios in Portland, Maine and San Miguel, Mexico. An avid, nine-handicap golfer, Steve has chosen to combine two of his avocations into a series of whimsical, imaginative paintings, which capture many of the joys and frustrations of the challenging world of golf. -- From the artist's web site.
5 of 9 Louis Wain
"Cats playing golf" by Louis Wain From Victorian artist Louis Wain's collection of cat and kitten postcards. 24" x 18" prints available at for $49.99.
6 of 9 Banksy
"Golf Sale" by Banksy From famed anonymous street artist Banksy. Prints available at The Brick Lane Gallery. Price on request.
7 of 9 Lance Headlee
"Cowboy Caddie" by Lance Headlee Acrylic on canvas; 48" x 60" x 1.5"; Original is available $9,300; Visit for more details.
8 of 9 LeRoy Nieman
"Augusta golf" by LeRoy Nieman 1990; Poster serigraph. After visiting Augusta to record in oil his own special perspective on this year's Masters, LeRoy Neiman stated unequivocally: 'The Augusta National is the most beautiful golf course I've ever seen.' This magnificent work confirms his observation... Jack Nicklaus follows through on the tenth tee while Nick Faldo watches, flanked by Jack's son, Jackie, holding his clubs." Prints available from $275. --
9 of 9 Snake Jagger
"Lunar Moon" by Snake Jagger Available for sale via the artist. Visit for more details.