Picture This: Think like a quarterback for more consistency in your golf game

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If you're an... INCONSISTENT BALLSTRIKER and make contact either on the heel or the toe You're ... tucking your right elbow into your side at the top or letting it fly outward. By Brady Riggs with David DeNunzio PICTURE THIS! When you throw a football, you just pull your right arm back and get your elbow as far away from your head as possible. And instead of letting your elbow fly, you bend it instinctively, just like Eli Manning does, and set your right bicep parallel to the ground and your right forearm parallel to your spine. Do that in your swing, and you'll be in perfect position at the top of your backswing. You'll also increase your chances of making contact on the sweet spot.
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HOW TO MAKE CONSISTENT CONTACT ON THE SWEET SPOT Swing any club and stop at the top of your backswing. Make sure your elbows are at the same height and that your right elbow matches the quarterback throwing position shown above. (If you're out of position, move your arms and club until you find it.)
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Notice how your left arm runs through your right shoulder. This is a clue that you're on plane.
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Now, swing back down to the ball, leading with your right elbow. After a few attempts, you should begin making consistent contact in the center of the clubface, and not on the heel or toe. THIS DRILL ALSO FIXES: Slices, hooks and weak hits. Have a rigid swing? Think like a football linebacker Are you short off the tee? Think like a baseball pitcher Are you a slicer? Think like a baseball batter Do you hit topped or thin shots? Think like a tennis player Hit your irons fat? Think like a hockey player