The All-Golf Fantasy Football Team

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The All-Golf Fantasy Football Team is loaded with stars. All the guys who you could imagine playing on Sundays are likely included somewhere on this gridiron. Their positions might surprise you, though.
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Quarterback Phil Mickelson Lefty is the best bet to step under center for the golf fantasy football team. Phil is a respected, knowledgable veteran. He certainly won't run by you, but he'll perform well in the biggest moments. Also, he's been photographed plenty of times letting it loose either with a football or baseball. We presume he's got a pretty good arm. Bubba Watson would be Phil's backup. Bubba is tall, athletic and very popular; he could really play anywhere on the field. However, he has a tendency to extend blame elsewhere when he's not in a good mood, which could be troublesome. Backing up Phil is a good spot for him.
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Running Back Tiger Woods Can you imagine Phil as quarterback deferring to Tiger in his backfield? It would be a pretty good option. Woods still shows signs of being a very good player, so he's needed in a skill position. He can be the thunder and Rory McIlroy can be the lightning. McIlroy has the best chance of "going off" at any moment, much like a quick striking running back.
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Wide Receiver Dustin Johnson Off-the-course issues aside, DJ is likely the greatest physical specimen on Tour. His size, build and strength have the makings for a Calvin Johnson-esque force on the gridiron. Answer this: who on Tour could guard DJ one-on-one?
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Wide Receiver Adam Scott Opposite Johnson would be another great wide receiver build in Adam Scott. Sure, Scott might not be the most fierce looking guy, but he's consistent as anyone, which explains his time spent as World No. 1, despite only a single major victory. While DJ can be hit-or-miss, Scott is sure to provide a solid weekly output.
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Tight End Ricky Barnes Barnes might seem like an odd pick, but his dad played professional football and Barnes was picked by Drew Brees as the golfer most adept to be a good football player. We'll take his advice and line Barnes up at tight end.
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Tackle John Daly and Brendon De Jonge seem trustworthy enough to cover quarterback Phil's blindside, right?
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Guard Kevin and Craig Stadler could make a dynamic duo of pulling guards on any offensive line. Our center will keep them separated well enough as they sometimes don't see eye-to-eye, but they both look pretty comfy near a three-point stance.
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Center Patrick Reed Reed is best known right now for asserting his confidence as a "top-5 player" earlier in 2014, only to not play like one for much of the rest of the season. A humbling spot on the offensive line is good for him. He clearly seems capable enough of bending over to snap it.
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Defensive End Ernie Els and Vijay Singh could make for a very scary defensive line duo. Both players are large and are practically tackling the others in their respective photos. They could be quarterback crushers.
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Defensive Tackle Angel Cabrera Cabrera on top of his game can be as menacing as it gets. El Pato is quiet but continues to strike throughout any event. Plus, he already looks mid-swim move in this photo from the Masters.
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Inside Linebacker Matt Kuchar and Gary Woodland are nice guys, welcoming enough to allow opposing running backs into their fold, but they are plenty big enough to leave them right there. Woodland is one of the stronger, longer players on Tour. Hopefully he could have a bit of a mean streak and let that rub off on nice-guy Kuchar.
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Outside Linebacker Henrik Stenson and Charley Hoffman would be the hard workers in this all-golf 3-4 defense. Stenson has shown he has no problem getting down and dirty for the game and while Hoffman hasn't exerted himself in quite the same way, his looks are menacing enough to send chills down any quarterback's spine.
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Cornerback Billy Horschel and Rickie Fowler would make a perfect cornerback duo. Horschel has no problem being the firey, in-your-face type of cornerback. Fowler, on the other hand, is even-keeled and cold-blooded. He won't say much, but has anyone covered the game's best in 2014 better than Fowler? His top-5 finishes in each major prove he's never trailing far behind.
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Safety Jordan Spieth and Keegan Bradley could make for an interesting Ryder Cup team in addition to leading the all-golf fantasy defensive backfield. Spieth is consistent and reserved while Bradley creeps up on the field and is a bit fiery. Either way, you tend to want each player on your squad.
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Special Teams Padraig Harrington, preferably in the form of 2008, would be our kicker. He put his boot on display at the Waste Management Open early on in the season much to the delight of fans in attendance. Covering the punting duties would be Ian Poulter. Poulter isn't shy, but can play quiet at times. If there's anyone you'd like to carry out a fake punt, Poulter is probably the guy.
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Head Coach Miguel Angel-Jimenez would be the man behind the playbook. It would be difficult to find a more respected player, out of sheer mystery. Like most coaches, he wouldn't say much, but would let his stern face and cigar smoke do the talking.