Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons

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Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons There's a whole new shape to integrated sets ADAMS rewrote the book on iron-set integration five years ago with the original Idea. The third-generation Idea, called the Idea a3 Hybrid, comes with newfangled hybrid long irons (3-5), hollow middle irons (6-7) and cavity-back short irons (8-PW), for those who swing the driver 85 to 105 mph. Its calling card is a boxy, rectangular hybrid reminiscent of square drivers. The idea is to push weight to the extreme rear heel and toe. This creates a lower center of gravity, so shots get airborne easier, and a higher moment of inertia (MOI), which means forgiveness when you don't strike it dead solid perfect. $599, steel, $699, graphite; SET MAKEUP The senior and women's versions consist of hybrids (4-6), one hollow middle iron (7), and cavity-back short irons (8-SW). • Go to Equipment Finder profile to tell us what you think and see what other readers said about this club.
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CLUBHEAD These hybrid long irons have a 29 percent higher MOI than the firm's Idea a2 hybrid and a 70 percent higher MOI than many other leading hybrids.
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WEIGHTING In standard iron sets, the 3-iron has the lowest MOI. The highest MOI is the 9-iron. The opposite is true in hybrid iron sets due, in part, to a hybrid's hollow body. (At left, the hybrid-3 and 9-iron.)
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SHAFT LENGTH A 5/8-inch spacing between clubs rather than the standard 1/2-inch spacing helps slower swingers achieve proper distance gaps.
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MIDDLE IRONS Adams positions the center of gravity closer to the face than in its current Idea a2. Tweaking the spin characteristics (a3 has lower spin) suits slightly higher clubhead speeds.