New wedges from Callaway, Cleveland, Mizuno, Nike, TaylorMade and Titleist

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Wedges are making news these days thanks to the USGA's new regulation on conforming grooves. The rule is designed to 'limit the performance of grooves on shots from the rough to that of traditional V-groove designs.' Tour players must adhere to the new rule for the 2010 season, but recreational players can play pre-2010 groove patterns until 2024. Five of the six models you'll see here have aggressive pre-2010 grooves to max out spin for players like you. (Titleist's model has the new, lower-spinning groove.)
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$119; The CG15 has the firm's "zip grooves," plus a laser-milled clubface treatment that provides rough texture between each groove. This combination creates maximum spin under the Rules of Golf. The "S-shaped" sole is slightly narrower in the heel and offers plenty of toe relief. CG15 comes in three finishes: Satin chrome, "Oil Quench" or Black Pearl. (A companion model, the CG15 Tour, has "condition of competition" grooves.)
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$109; Famed wedge designer Roger Cleveland used the firm's X Prototype irons to inspire the shape and styling for X Series Jaws wedges. The heads are forged from soft 1020 carbon steel and feature big, aggressive "Mack Daddy" (MD) grooves for added spin. Its "C-Grind" sole contour allows you to lay it open while keeping the leading edge low. Available 
in chrome (pictured) or dark vintage finish.
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$109; Mizuno's "Quad Cut" 
groove is the firm's most aggressive ever. Previous Mizuno wedges maximized groove width and depth but not "shoulder" or "draft angle." This model, however, maximizes all four parameters. The MP-T10 is forged from 1025E carbon steel and has 
a thicker upper blade to control feel and inspire confidence. Comes in black (will rust) or satin finish.
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$109; The forged carbon-steel heads have CNC-milled clubfaces and milled grooves for consistent performance across the hitting area. The club's heel grind (part of the heel is shaved down) makes it easy to play shots from all types of lies, while the specially designed grip provides a combination of tackiness in the top hand and enhanced feel in the bottom hand.
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$129, 39 per additional face; These wedges have a removable face insert that allows you to replace a worn clubface with a fresh one. You can now forget about having to purchase a new wedge once the spin dissipates—a new face is simply screwed into the head with the turn of a wrench. The face is forged from soft carbon steel and CNC-milled flat to provide a combination of feel and consistency. Grooves for recreational golfers ('Z') and 'condition of competition' Tour grooves (labeled 'ZT') are sold separately, too.
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$119; Designed in direct response to USGA and R&A rule changes, the Vokey Design Spin Milled C-C ("condition of competition") wedges feature lower-spinning grooves that conform to the new guidelines. The wedges (see 'C-C' on hosel) will likely provide slightly higher trajectory on full shots and less stopping power from the rough than 2009 Vokey Spin Milled wedges. (The 2009 version is unchanged for 2010.)