New irons for low-handicap golfers.

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Working Class These blades give better golfers the feel they need to create shots they want. By Rob Sauerhaft Bridgestone J36 Blade $799, steel Construction: Forged from 1020 carbon steel Finish: Satin chrome • Project X Flighted shafts have progressive weight and kickpoint; long irons are lightest and have the lowest kickpoint, short irons are heaviest with the highest kickpoint. • The club's tapered sole shifts the center of gravity (CG) nearer to the middle of the face, while the cutaway along the back edge helps to handle assorted lies. • More weight distributed higher in the head leads to a penetrating ball flight. Rate and Review This Club
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Callaway Tour Authentic X-Prototype $1,499, steel Construction: Forged from 1020 carbon steel Finish: White chrome • These are custom order only, with limited distribution. Long irons have a lower CG and short irons a slightly higher one, to generate optimal ball trajectories throughout the set. • Purists should embrace its minimal offset, narrow sole and short blade length. • Precise weighting in the 'X-muscleback' makes it easy to maneuver shots high or low, left or right.
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Cleveland CG Tour $799, steel Construction: Cast from 8620 carbon steel Finish: Platinum chrome • The stylish square toe is a preferred look at address among better players. • A large muscleback moves weight as low as possible to help get shots up. • Milled grooves and clubface contribute to heightened control. Rate and Review this club
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Cobra Pro MB $849, steel Construction: Forged from 1020 carbon steel Finish: Satin chrome • The round cambered sole glides through turf. • The muscleback behind the hitting area provides solid feel and enhanced workability. • A longer hosel pulls the club's CG higher on the face, which produces a mid-launch and lower, controlled ball flight.
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MacGregor MT Pro-C $799, steel Construction: Forged from 1025 carbon steel Finish: Satin chrome • The cavity muscle is positioned higher in short irons to control flight, and lower in long irons for higher initial launch angle. • The CNC-milled clubface and square grooves provide a quality package in the name of classic MacGregor blades. • The milled cavity promotes a tad more forgiveness than the MT Pro-M irons.
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Titleist ZB Forged $899, steel Construction: Forged from 1025 carbon steel Finish: Bright chrome plating • This set combines irons with full cavitybacks (2- to 4-iron) to get the ball up, partial cavities (5- to 7-iron), and full blades (8-iron to PW) for added control. • The distinctive 'Z-cavity' pushes weight toward the toe, to locate the CG in the center of the face. The result is consistent ball speed, launch, spin and feel. • Dual hosel lengths — longest in the short irons, shorter in the mid- and long irons — move the center of gravity (CG) up or down, to manage ball flight.
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METAL TEST These six better player irons all feature carbon steel mixed with assorted metals. But what's so special about carbon steel? Club manufacturers like to use carbon steel in their irons because it transmits soft feel and can be bent to various lofts and lies. The "1020" designation tells you exactly what kind of metal has been used in the manufacturing process. The prefix "10" designates "plain" carbon steel, which simply means that there are no alloying elements of real significance besides carbon. The last two numbers indicate the actual carbon content: a "20" means that the carbon content is 0.20%, while "25" indicates 0.25% carbon. (More carbon makes the material more brittle.) The "10" series of carbon steels is designed for forging, while the "86" series is designed for casting (the "86" prefix means that an alloy steel is being used, instead of plain carbon steel). The full chemistry spec for 1020 is carbon (C): 0.18-0.23%, manganese (Mn): 0.30- 0.60%, phosphorus (P): 0.040% max, sulfur (S): 0.050% max, and iron (Fe): 99% or so. You'll have a chemistry test in the morning.