4 Easy Ways to be a more Consistent Ballstriker: Step 3

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Step 3: Forget About Your Spine Angle WHY YOU SHOULD DO IT Can you really think about your spine when you swing? Even if you can, it's doubtful you have the muscle necessary to actually maintain a perfect spine angle. THE PROOF YOU NEED Take the glute-muscle strength test. (Click here for video.) Lie down on your back and then pull your left foot toward your rear end as shown below. Lift your right leg and your rear end off the ground and hold for a count of 10. This test gauges the strength of your glutes (the muscles in your rear end).You need these to stay in your posture on your downswing and keep your spine angle intact. TEST: FAILED If your right hip sags or your right hamstring begins to cramp... Your glute muscles are weak and you have no chance of properly maintaining your spine angle. TEST: PASSED If you can hold your leg and rear end up without any problems... Your glute muscles are strong. They'll keep your hips in place when you rotate so your posture remains unchanged.
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If you failed the test, you'll look like this ...
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After adjustments, you'll look like this ...
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How to get away with losing your posture: Swing slower and more with your arms Video: Test (and improve) your posture with overhead deep squats. 1. Practice with a split grip Make practice swings without a ball with your left hand on the grip and your right hand just below the grip on the shaft. Focus on pulling the club into impact with your left hand and rotating the face to square with your right hand. That's the proper hand action you need to deliver a solid blow. Why the arm swing works An arms-dominated swing generates less force, which in turn makes it easier for you to maintain your posture when you swing. You might think this will cost you yards, but you'll actually hit the ball farther because you'll be delivering the club solidly into the back of the ball on the proper plane. 2. Make swings with your feet together You can hit balls with this drill. Take your regular address, but with your feet together. After a few swings, you'll learn to slow down your swing to a level that allows you to keep your balance. The speed that allows you to catch the ball flush without losing balance is the one you should use on the course. Step 4: Release With Your Chest