Masters Styles: Best and Worst

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Golf Magazine's Jessica Marksbury weighed in on the pros' fashion choices at the 2013 Masters. BEST & WORST: BRANDT SNEDEKER I can't help but award Snedeker the only split decision of the week. In theory, his look is unimpeachable—a lovely pairing of a Peter Millar polo and pants. The problem is the outfit's timing. Can you imagine how that shade of pink would look underneath a green jacket? Exactly.
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BEST: KEVIN NA Sunday was a rough day at Augusta for Kevin Na, but at least he looked well put together! The colors on his polo are fresh and vibrant, and the white hat and pants complement the white horizontal stripes perfectly.
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WORST: MARC LEISHMAN My only objection to Leishman's outfit is the random placement of the argyle accents on the sleeve and hem of his polo. It gives the whole look an air of cheesiness that Leishman doesn't deserve.
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BEST: TIANLANG GUAN Guan capped off a tremendously impressive week of play with his best outfit on Sunday. The colors and print of his polo pair nicely with his bright orange pants, and the look not only cool, but completely age-appropriate.
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BEST: CHARL SCHWARTZEL It's been a slow start to the week (sartorially speaking, of course) for Schwartzel, but Saturday's outfit was a definite winner. I love the color of his shirt and the plaid contrast lining on his sleeves is super cool.
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WORST: BRIAN GAY Brian Gay's Sligo apparel always pushes the envelope with bright colors and patterns (usually in a good way), but I just don't love this shade of green. The polo looks great but I can't help but think that black or white pants would have been a huge improvement.
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BEST: GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTANO This is a simple look for Fernandez-Castano, but I love it. The clothes fit well and the pink polo is springy but not too bright—perfect for a Saturday round at Augusta.
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BEST: ADAM SCOTT Scott always wears his clothes well, but most of his Masters looks thus far have been very plain. Today's ensemble, however, showcases a cool striped belt, which elevates what could have easily been a lackluster look.
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WORST: TREVOR IMMELMAN Yesterday, Immelman was stuck wearing a polo in an unflattering shade of green, and today, the green is back again! While the fit is great, that shade of green is not, especially in pants.
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BEST: ZACH JOHNSON Even though Bubba Watson has received the majority of the publicity, Zach Johnson signed with Oakley this year too, and the clothes suit him remarkably well. This is my favorite look of the week for him thus far. The polo has a flattering print, and the red belt is fun. Well done, Zach!
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BEST: TIGER WOODS This Nike Tiger Woods TW collection polo is the apparel equivalent of a mullet: business in the front and a party in the back. The cool gray piping adds interest and matches perfectly with Tiger's gray pants. Love it!
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BEST: RICKIE FOWLER Fowler's awesome fade-out argyle polo paired with white pants is a huge improvement on yesterday's mint green monochrome ensemble. This outfit is just wild enough to appeal to youngsters without alienating the conservative crowd. And how can you not love those shoes?
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WORST: JOHN PETERSON While I love powder blue in small doses, too much of one color is never a good thing.
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BEST: DUSTIN JOHNSON This outfit could be an early frontrunner for my favorite of the week. I love the simplicity of gray paired with white, and DJ's slate gray alligator belt completes the look nicely.
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WORST: RYO ISHIKAWA I love the fit and color of Ishikawa's pants, but is it just me, or does that floral print polo seem about 50 years too old for him?
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BEST: BO VAN PELT Van Pelt is sporting the perfect look for a round at the Masters: white pants and a polo with a hint of Masters green. He looks pressed and preppy, but the plaid collar gives the look a fun and funky edge. A+!
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BEST: HUNTER MAHAN It's thrilling to see neon colors worn well, and Mahan succeeds because he knows not to overdo it. A little neon goes a long way, and this Under Armour outfit exudes a cool and modern vibe without looking gimmicky.
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WORST: TREVOR IMMELMAN Immelman's clothes always fit him well, but I can't understand why so many pros are wearing this unflattering shade of green. A former Masters champion deserves better!
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BEST: RORY MCILROY When I first saw McIlroy's Nike apparel script for the week, I knew these pants would be a highlight, and as it turns out, they are! Rory looks athletic and powerful but maintains an air of youthfulness. I hope he'll make colorful pants a tournament staple.
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WORST: Y.E. YANG You have to admire Yang's commitment to this look; after all, it's not every day that you'll see a tour player attempt to wear tiger stripes on the course. Unfortunately, Yang just has too many attention-grabbing elements going on in this outfit. I would have preferred to see a neutral color pant (black or white would be perfect) so the polo could be free to shine on its own.
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WORST: ALAN DUNBAR The situation here is pretty straightforward: Dunbar receives fashion point deductions simply for failing to match.
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This week Golf Magazine's Jessica Marksbury will weigh in on the pros' fashion choices at the Masters. BEST: WEBB SIMPSON Simpson's periwinkle blue Izod polo is springy, has a cool stripe pattern and really complements his complexion. Also, white pants are a must at least once at Augusta. Well done, Webb.
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WORST: HENRIK STENSON It seems like every player has at least one green outfit to showcase during the Masters, but unfortunately for Stenson, this one just doesn't work. I actually really like the polo, but I wish he had gone with darker green pants to match the shade on his shoulders.
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WORST: RICKIE FOWLER I normally love Fowler's bright ensembles, but I just can't get behind a monochrome look in this shade of green. A white polo or pants would make this universally wearable, but with a top and bottom in the same color, the look is just a tad overboard.
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BEST: DAVID LYNN Thanks to a stellar first round, many golf fans are only just now getting to know David Lynn, but his canary yellow polo ensured that you couldn't miss him on the golf course. Love it!
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WORST: JASON DUFNER Dufner is as laid-back and as cool as they come in the world of golf, and his polo and pants match perfectly well, but...the shoes! Pairing red and white shoes with black pants is a mystifying choice, and they do not belong with this outfit.
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BEST: GRAEME MCDOWELL McDowell, wearing his namesake brand, G-Mac by Kartel, has truly become one of the PGA Tour's biggest style stars. With today's ensemble, he's managed to effortlessly blend several different neutral colors into a cohesive package that wouldn't expect to go well together, but the result is extremely sharp.
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BEST: MARTIN KAYMER Kaymer is dressed in a blue iteration of Stenson's polo, which looks great on him. I like the cool blue and white colorblock swirls on the shoulders, and the white pants tie everything together to create a clean and appealing look.
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WORST: FRED COUPLES Couples has been a trendsetter for the majority of his career, but even the King of Cool is entitled to a mistake every once in a while, and these dull green pants certainly qualify.
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BEST: LUKE DONALD Donald has been known to wear some colorful pants on the course, but this look is easily one of his best and coolest Ralph Lauren RLX outfits ever.
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WORST: RYO ISHIKAWA Ishikawa wears his clothes very well, and while I admire his willingness to take fashion risks, in my book, pastel pink and red should never be paired together. Unless of course, it's Valentine's Day.
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BEST: SERGIO GARCIA Garcia has always looked great in black, but the cool yellow and gray print on this Adidas polo adds a hint of sportiness to what could have been a very boring look. Well done!
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BEST: HUNTER MAHAN While Under Armour's horizontal stripe polos are pretty standard attire for Mahan, this blue and white ensemble looks especially terrific, and the athletic fit is perfect.
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WORST: HIROYUKI FUJITA Fujita's argyle vest is lovely on its own. Unfortunately, he decided to pair it with an olive polo, hat and pants combo, which detracts from the colorful diamond print rather than enhancing it. This look could have been easily salvaged with a navy blue polo, white pants and a white hat.
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BEST: BUBBA WATSON Watson's Thursday-Sunday apparel from Oakley isn't especially colorful, so it was nice to see a combination of bright blue and white on the 2012 Masters champion on Wednesday. The red belt ties in with the red stripes on his polo and is an especially nice touch.
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WORST: LEE WESTWOOD Westwood seems to have taken his UPS sponsorship a little too far, moonlighting as the human iteration of Big Brown on Wednesday. I expect a bit more pizazz from Westwood in the apparel department, so he gets a fashion point deduction for playing it too safe.
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BEST: RICKIE FOWLER This was my favorite look in Fowler's week-long Masters script from Puma, and in person, it looks even better. I love the modern color-blocking on the polo, and the neon blue accents on his shoes, belt and hat add just enough fun color to make the look great and not gaudy.