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$109, steel It's for: All skill levels Hideo Shimazaki, Club designer: "Our black finish gives you the ability to play a different finish than what you're used to. This particular one is the result of Tour feedback because they want a finish for bright, sunny days. Folks will love the shape and its soft feel, too." How it works: WC Design (stands for West Coast) wedges now come in three finishes: black nickel, satin or liquid copper. Heads are cast from 8620 mild carbon steel, for a soft sensation through impact. Each finish features the same CNC-milled clubface, milled U-grooves to maximize spin and "variable bounce" technology. This simply means that you get full bounce on a square setup. However, the bounce decreases when you close or lay open the face around the green. The biggest difference among the three finishes is that black nickel cuts glare more so than the others. Compare and Buy These Wedges
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$109, steel It's for: Mid- and high-handicappers Steve Chien, VP of R&D: "We want to leverage our experience with wedge and iron designs. Our goal is to create a versatile hybrid club that improves scoring for the majority of players. We combine features from a wedge, iron, putter and hybrid to allow you to play several different shots with a single club." How it works: This first-of-its-kind short iron hybrid can be used for chips, pitches, approaches and recovery shots. The versatile Niblick looks like a standard iron at address but has hybrid-like perimeter weighting due to a thick rear flange. The clubhead is 20 grams heavier than a regular wedge, with 3° more upright lie for a pendulum-like chipping motion. Ample sole bounce (8°) reduces the likelihood of chunking it from the fairway. A vibration-damping material behind the hitting area softens feel, and "zip" grooves get balls dancing. Think of it as a chipper that carries like a 9-iron or wedge on full swings. Lofts: 37° or 42°; Length: 35". Compare and Buy These Wedges
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$119, steel
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$99, steel It's for: All skill levels Jon Pergande, Director, Golf Club R&D/Global Golf: "I'm amazed every time I see Padraig Harrington [2008 PGA Tour Player of the Year] stop the ball on a dime from the most challenging lies under such demanding conditions. Our goal is to bring this shot-stopping potential to the masses. Tw9 incorporates the same specs and tight tolerances required by Padraig." How it works: Aggressive tour-milled grooves deliver plenty of spin. (Wilson cuts grooves as USGA limits allow.) The compact heads (52°, 54°, 56°, 58° and 60°) are well-suited for bunkers or tight fairway lies. The 48° and 50° (to fill in distance gaps created by strong-lofted pitching wedges) are larger cavity-backs with a "players" shape. Tw9 comes in black (to reduce glare) or satin finish. Compare and Buy These Wedges