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$1,499, graphite adamsgolf.com Michael Vrska, Director of Product Development: "This limited edition set featuring a4OS technology is a fantastic culmination of the best ideas, research, design and engineering effort at Adams Golf coupled with the premium look and feel of a fashion-forward Keri golf product." How it works: The integrated set has a passion for fashion. A beautiful custom-made chocolate brown Keri Golf cart bag (white polka dot trim and matching polka dot head covers) comes with detachable cosmetic zip pouch and mirror and gold-plated charm (numbered 1 to 1,000). The 13-club set includes an Insight Tech a40S driver, two Hybrid-fairway woods (3 and 5), three Idea Tech a40S hybrid irons (4, 5, and 6), three irons (7, 8, and 9), three wedges (Gap, PW and SW) and mallet putter. Proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
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$299, graphite wilsonstaff.com Jon Pergande, Club R&D Manager: "Luxe irons marry the best possible combination of performance and elegance. The specs were selected to cater to the serious female golfer while delivering a high-end aesthetic appeal." How it works: The low-profile irons get mass under the ball, to help you hit it higher. The wide sole and leading edge minimize fat or thin shots. Its attractive color scheme is finished off by subtle pink accents.
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$599, graphite touredge.com David Glod, President and Founder: "We wanted to make something truly lady specific, from the ultra-light graphite shafts to lofts, head sizes and the proper technology for each club, down to elegant gold accents on the matching bag and head covers." How it works: The 11-club set includes a driver (460 cc), pair of fairway woods (3 and 5), three hybrids (5, 6 and 7), four irons (8 iron to SW) and mallet putter. Fairway woods have a heavy sole (low CG) for longer, higher flying shots. Chrome-and-satin irons have a deep, forgiving "undercut" cavity to help get the ball up.
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$899, graphite pinggolf.com Brad Schweigert, Manager, Club Design: "Rhapsody irons are engineered with larger loft gaps to provide useful distances between irons. We start with a 5-iron (26° loft) and progress to the pitching wedge in four-degree increments [many models have 3-degree increments]. Rhapsody hybrid lofts are identical to the 5-, 6- and 7-irons so you can easily integrate them into your set." How it works: The standard set—5-iron to PW, UW and SW—has thick, heavy soles and plenty of perimeter weighting to facilitate high launch. The "custom tuning port" redirects mass for increased forgiveness, too. Ping's lightweight ULT 129i shaft is designed to help you boost swing speed without sacrificing feel or control.
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$299, graphitepinggolf.com Tony Serrano, Senior Design Engineer: "We optimized the design to match the slower swing speeds typical of mid-to-high handicap female golfers. After extensive testing, we settled on higher lofts, including 14° and 16° drivers." How it works: The attractive 460 cc titanium head has an expanded face size and high MOI to max out distance and forgiveness. The deep purple club has lavender accents, an ultra-light shaft in pearl white and lavender, plus an appealing head cover in pink, lavender, purple, white and black accents.
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$699, graphite nikegolf.com Tom Stites, Director of product creation: "Slingshot HL is a wonderful blend of easy-to-hit hybrids and deep undercut irons that utilize 'Slingback' technology. Our 3-dimensional 'flow weighting' is positioned in each club to achieve optimum ball flight throughout the set." How it works: The "Slingback" bar pushes weight further back, to increase head stability and get shots airborne. Sole widths vary throughout the set, to achieve desired launch and control. Three hybrids (replacements for 3-, 4- and 5-iron) plus five irons (6 to 9, PW) all feature a hounds tooth print that projects understated femininity without appearing overly girly. The motif appears on shafts, iron cavities and hybrid head covers. Pearl white shafts and black/gray grips complete the ensemble. Buy and Compare These Irons
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Nickent 3DX RC+ $399, steel; $499, graphite nickentgolf.com John B. Hoeflich, COO: "Twelve years ago I started work on a set of clubs that was easy to play and configured differently from a traditional set. The 3DX RC+ is the fourth generation and clearly the best. The hybrids are a significant improvement on traditional 2-, 3-, and 4-irons while the 5-iron through PW are longer and more forgiving." How it works: The lovely 12-piece set consists of a triangular 460 cc driver, 3- and 5-woods, 4- and 5-hybrids, 6-iron to SW and mallet putter. The matching cart bag (included) has six head covers and rain cover.
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$699, graphite mizunousa.com David Llewellyn, club R&D manager: "The MX-100 offers maximum forgiveness due to hybrid long irons and breakthrough 'Y-Tune' iron technology. There simply isn't anything out there that is more forgiving or more playable." How it works: Mizuno attaches its men's MX-100 clubhead to a lightweight, ladies-flex shaft. The women's version comes with two hybrids (they replace the 4- and 5-irons) and six irons (6 to 9, PW, Gap). Company testing shows that most golfers mis-hit iron shots toward the toe. The R&D team, led by David Llewellyn, combats this tendency by extending the sweet spot area toward the toe with a modified the sole shape and cavity depth.
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$499, steel; $599, graphite cobragolf.com Karl Clausen, Principal Design Engineer: "SZ irons have a wide sole and heel-toe weighting to provide loads of forgiveness plus superior distance. A patent-pending design allows the club to sit square to the target, for proper alignment." How it works: The low-profile design and short hosel combine to promote high launch while a urethane-infused back plate (covers the entire cavity) enhances feel. The club's sole radius helps you to set it up square.
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$149, graphite cobragolf.com Peter Soracco, Principal Design Engineer: "With the Baffler TWS [number-one selling utility metal], we adjusted the internal weighting to lower the center of gravity location. This creates a slightly higher launch angle and increased MOI for more forgiveness and consistency." How it works: Cobra's navy blue Baffler TWS hybrid features a larger face area (with laser welded stainless steel insert) to maintain ball speed on misses. The "Triple Weight System" (TWS) pushes mass to the head's periphery, to promote greater forgiveness. A contoured sole enhances playability from a variety of playing conditions. Buy and Compare This Hybrid
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S9-1 F or S9-1 M: $299, graphite cobragolf.com Josh Breier, Principal Design Lead Engineer: "The new head shape and internal geometry provide 'hotter 9-point' performance. Each S9-1 model has a distinct center of gravity location to provide optimum ball flight conditions for different player types and ball speeds." How it works: Cobra adjusts its "9-point" face geometry to promote faster ball speeds. The longer, lighter driver has an appealing feel and sound (rather than hollow clang) due to internal frequency tuning. This striking package boasts a navy blue clubhead with metallic blue accents.
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$999, graphite clevelandgolf.com Scott Carlyle, Business Unit Leader/Women's products and wedges: "Our goal with the Bloom is to design a 100-percent women's specific line. We use modern manufacturing technologies to create the best combination of shape, loft and weight, to increase distance and forgiveness for women's swing speeds." How it works: The 13-piece set blends high-tech performance with tasteful, sporty cosmetics in a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons (seven of them), Niblick (a shorter, more controllable hybrid club to facilitate chips, pitches, approaches, and recoveries) and VP 509 mallet putter. The Bloom is great for walkers, too. A lightweight stand bag (included) has roomy pockets, valuables pouch, rain cover and umbrella strap. You can also purchase matching Bloom accessories and apparel.
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$699, steel; $899, graphite callawaygolf.com Jeff Colton, Senior VP of R&D: "In creating the successor to X-20, our best selling X-iron, we look for every opportunity for improvement. But we are mindful not to sacrifice what led to its remarkable success: performance, feel and aesthetics." How it works: The X-22 has a thin top line, narrow sole and more perimeter weighting (10-percent higher MOI) than its predecessor. The Tru-Bore design remains intact to dampen vibration on off-center shots while the center of gravity is preserved to produce ideal shot trajectory and feel. Buy and Compare These Irons
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$499, graphite callawaygolf.com Dr. Alan Hocknell, VP of Innovation and Advanced Design: "The design goal is to create our longest, straightest driver ever. We combine a titanium 'hyperbolic face cup' that increases ball speed, a sleek shape that reduces shot curvature and increases MOI, and strategic weight placement through proprietary multi-material Fusion technology." How it works: Ladies, don't be intimidated by the monster-size square clubhead. The sleek, refined head has high MOI and incorporates "hyperbolic face technology" to increase ball speed. The FT-iQ comes with a pearl white Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki shaft (white and blue snowflake design) and matching head cover. Buy and Compare This Driver
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$399, graphitecallawaygolf.com Jeff Colton, Senior VP of R&D: "FT-9 is an example of our 'Complete Inertial Design' principal. It factors in all design variables to produce the most balanced, highest performing drivers possible." How it works: The combination of a carbon composite body, titanium face cup and OptiFit weighting system (available in Neutral or Draw bias to suit your ball-flight tendencies) should buoy average driving distance. Callaway's "hyperbolic face technology"—'X' pattern behind hitting area is thickest in center, thinnest in perimeter—improves ball speed across the face for improved distance on misses. Twenty-six grams along the sole, outside the head, creates 3-percent higher MOI (heel to toe) and 20-percent higher MOI (crown to sole) than in FT-5. The result is more consistent trajectory (and distance), especially for misses high or low on the face. Buy and Compare This Driver
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$149, graphite wilsonstaff.com Jon Pergande, Club R&D Manager: "Our FYbrid series provide a unique opportunity to expand the norms of club design. The range showcases traditional design flair with new, innovative shaping. The entire range suits today's modern women golfers." How it works: Don't be fooled by the cute pink accents on the shaft and clubhead. This hybrid packs serious performance punch. Its sole has heel, toe, and central relief areas so the club can glide through turf while the UST ProforceV2 shaft plays a pivotal role in achieving repeatable ball flight. Choose a FYbrid by merely replacing the like-numbered long iron.