PHOTOS: The 12 ugliest golf team uniforms in history

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1994 Presidents Cup, U.S. Team senior editor Zoë Ruderman says...Golfers yell, 'Fore!' to warn people to get out of the way of their shot, but nobody yelled anything to warn me to avert my eyes from these color-blocked polos and collection of interesting hats.
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1989 Ryder Cup: U.S. Team

Ruderman says...As a framed painting hanging in a museum, a Mondrian is stunning. As the print on a baggy-sleeved V-neck sweater, not so much.
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1999 Ryder Cup: U.S. Team

Ruderman says... Few people know this, but before Instagram, Ben Crenshaw, who selected these unis, tried to launch Shirtstagram, a photo sharing tool that allowed users to wear their favorite pictures on their shirts. Spoiler: Shirtstagram was not sold for a billion dollars.
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1985 Ryder Cup: European Team

Ruderman says... It's so nice of these busy golf players to take time out of their packed schedules to volunteer as camp counselors!
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2010 Ryder Cup: U.S. Team

Ruderman says... Hey, I'd look as distressed as Tiger and Steve do if I had to wear an oversize lavender vest too.
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1996 Presidents Cup: International Team

Ruderman says... I wasn't totally clear on what sport Nick Price and Steve Elkington were playing until I got a good look at their polos, which feature an allover print of golf balls, putters and caddy bags. So thanks, guys, for that helpful reminder.
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2004 Ryder Cup: U.S. Team

Ruderman says... Perhaps they misunderstood the rules and when someone said, "You must wear cleats on the green," they heard, "You must wear pleats on the green.
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1987 Ryder Cup: U.S. Team

Ruderman says... How can we make our already high-waisted red pants look even more high-waisted? That's what I imagine the USA Team asking themselves before slipping into these color-block polos with red cummerbund-like panels at the waist.
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1995 Ryder Cup: European Team

Ruderman says... There's only one acceptable situation for brown and orange to be so close together. And that situation is called a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.
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1998 Presidents Cup: U.S. Team

Ruderman says... That many diamonds on the red carpet: good. That many diamonds on a single polo shirt: bad.
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1983 Ryder Cup: U.S. Team

Ruderman says... The slightly less sexy prequel to 50 Shades of Grey: 50 Shades of Khakis.
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1983 Ryder Cup: U.S. Team

Ruderman says...I'm always looking for fun, new group Halloween costume ideas (Britney at every stage is so played out, Game of Thrones cast is too much effort and everyone does Mad Men). But I'm almost positive no one else will be doing the 1983 U.S. Ryder Cup team. eBaying Tom Kite's Coke bottle glasses (back row, second from left) right now…