Ten Fittest Golfers

1 of 10 Angus Murray
Dustin Johnson At 6-foot-4, it's no surprise that D.J. can dunk a basketball, but we're more impressed with his ability to drive a golf ball out of sight.
2 of 10 eff Lipsky / ESPN The Magazine
Suzann Petterssen This ultra-fit Swede, who posed nude for ESPN's "Body Issue" in 2012 (pictured), reportedly spends up to eight hours a day working out. Makes you wonder when she works on her golf game.
3 of 10 Ben Van Hook
Adam Scott Surfing helps keep this super-fit Aussie in shape and feeling good, mentally and physically.
4 of 10 AngusMurray
Tiger Woods Tiger's workouts are legendary, though he actually drove it longer when his nickname was Urkel.
5 of 10 Courtesy of Cobra
Blair O'Neal One of the LPGA Tour's most photogenic players, Blair O'Neal's quickly building a cult following.
6 of 10 Angus Murray
Tony Romo Playing quarterback in the NFL keeps Tony Romo in good enough physical condition to maintain his scratch handicap.
7 of 10 Charlie Riedel / AP
Gary Player The original iron man, Gary Player is credited with proving that fitness is a key to playing world-class golf.
8 of 10 Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images
Natalie Gulbis Gulbis spends a lot of time in the gym and it shows. She even recently tweeted a series of photos from her morning yoga routine.
9 of 10 Nick Laham
Camilo Villegas Camilo's workout regimen and dedication to cycling are well documented. Unfortunately, his impressive physique didn't help him keep his PGA Tour card for the 2013 season.
10 of 10 Brendon Thorne / Getty Images
Greg Norman Another one of those fit Aussies, Norman says he still wears the same waist size pants today that he did in his prime.