10 Best-Dressed Male Golfers on PGA Tour, European Tour

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A new generation of players added excitement to the game this year, and not just with their athletic swings. The youngsters broke down old barriers in style, while veterans showed why the classics endure. The game has never looked so good. Here are the gods of golf style: 1. Bubba Watson He has his own style (those high-buttoned shirts), hits it longer than almost anyone else, and usually looks terrific doing it. Once had his own apparel line but now wears clothes by designer Travis Mathews.
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A traditional type of guy who combines colors beautifully and knows how to offset his bulk.
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Tall, thin, wears Ralph Lauren, all you need to know.
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A big guy who always looks good — even when festooned with company logos — because he combines colors and textures extremely well.
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It always helps to be handsome and clad in classic Aquascutum English clothes.
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He's understated, wears Ashworth, and has perfected the concept of nonchalance (no socks, no glove, no spikes), the sine qua non of great masculine style.
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Predictable, but in his simple, swooshy Nike way, he's almost the epitome of pure performance style and athletic grace. And more often than not, he looks better than anyone out there.
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Super-athletic and avant-garde at the same time, the magnetic Colombian wears apparel from Swedish designer J. Lindeberg, who designs a special CV collection for him.
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Colorful, brash, but also classic in an odd way, always within the traditions of the game. Whatever you think of his wild tartan plaids (pink!), he's a very creative dresser.
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One of the wildest guys sartorially (vivid colors, hectic plaids, offbeat accessories, military hats), but sophisticated enough to make "different" work.