“Spin” your way to more speed and power

June 8, 2017

Step 1: Adjust Your Setup

Take a medium-width stance with both feet flared out, and set your right hand in a very neutral position on the handle (V pointed toward right ear). Flaring makes it easier to rotate—what your body is designed to do.

Step 2: Ramp Up Your Rotation

You’re built to spin, so the faster you rotate, the farther you’ll hit it. Set up for the lower-body differential screen again, this time with a club placed against your thighs. Make sure the grip end is to your right. Simply repeat the screen, whipping your hips faster and faster in a mock downswing, smacking the padded mitt with the butt end of the club (or stopping just after impact if you’re doing it alone). Keep the club pressed against your thighs—and pound that mitt!

Step 3: Pre-set Your Power Source

Take a seat in a chair with your a club held across your chest. Without moving anything else, rotate your shoulders as far back as your flexibility allows. If you can get the club to point straight out in front of you, focus on keeping your left heel on the ground during your backswing on real swings. Your ample flexibility allows you to rotate your shoulders while “resisting” with your hips as you swing to the top, adding extra coil and swing power. If you can’t get the shaft to point out in front of you, go ahead and allow your left heel to rise slightly during your backswing, and “release” your hips as you turn your shoulders. With either method, the goal is to rotate your hips as fast as possible as you power the club into the impact zone. You simply need to start from the correct place. (Drill courtesy of performance and conditioning expert Ben Shear.)

Swing Thought: Strike a Post

To maximize spin, get your left leg to “snap” straight through impact. This easy moves creates a post for your hips to swing past at a much higher rate of speed, as if slamming a door.

Special thanks to instruction model and competitive amateur Sarah Boockford.