WATCH: Champions Tour players perform Fortnite celebration dances

November 8, 2018

In case you haven’t heard, Fortnite — a battle-royale-style online video game that attracted over one hundred million players in less than a year — has become something of a cultural phenomenon, with professional athletes across the globe re-enacting celebration scenes from the game on the playing field.

Now, even golfers are in on the action.

On the eve of the final senior tour event of the season, this week’s Charles Schwab Cup Championship, the PGA Tour Champions social media team released a video of some of the tour’s biggest names performing various Fortnite celebration dances — and it’s pretty darn hilarious. A warning, though: What you’re about to see can never be unseen.

The moves are understandably awkward for some players — especially if they’re seeing them for the first time. But for others, the performance was surprisingly convincing.

Is it any surprise golf’s Most Interesting Man, the uber-limber Miguel Angel Jimenez, makes flossing look natural? And props to Paul Broadhurst, who nailed the jubilation dance. Maybe we’ll even be treated to some of these moves on the course this week when putts start dropping.