The strangest thing that has ever happened to Ray Romano on a golf course is pretty bleak

September 7, 2019

Comedian Ray Romano remembers the precise date he first appeared on The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. He says it’s still his greatest accomplishment — until he breaks 80.

Bucket-list course you haven’t played?

Man, that’s tough. I’ve played a lot of good golf courses, but not the one with the island par 3: TPC Sawgrass.

Favorite course you play every year?

Oh, Pebble Beach, for sure. To be able to come to the prettiest place in golf every February is really special.

What’s the greatest accomplishment in your comedy career?

I’d have to say being on the Carson show. November 15, 1991. As a comedian, that was the mountaintop.

Greatest accomplishment on the course?

I’ve shot 80 on three occasions but never broken it. I’m a 14-handicap who counts every stroke. When I break 80, that will be my greatest accomplishment. But for now, well, I got to play Augusta National. That was like a dream come true.

When did you play Augusta?

I got to play it five years in a row, when Everybody Loves Raymond was on the air and CBS was allowed to have a foursome on Monday after the Masters. My goal was to break 100, and I never did. I six-putted a green; that par 3 with the craziness. The 12th? Yeah. [Sighs]

Which pro golfer are you most like?

[Laughs] None of them!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on a golf course?

My buddy killed a seagull with his drive. That was pretty crazy, but it wasn’t the happiest thing I’ve ever seen.

Your favorite city in the U.S.?

Manhattan. Enough said.


I was born and raised in Queens. Manhattan is where I started my stand-up career. Come on—it’s the hub of the world. And it’s got pizza!

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