2020 Masters ticket prices plummet on secondary market compared to last year

March 10, 2020
Masters patron inspects his Masters badge

The secondary market for Masters tickets is a risky business, but if you’ve ever considered taking the leap for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Augusta National, this may be the year to do it. Tickets are currently far lower on ticket sites like StubHub and SeatGeek than they were at this time in 2019.

How to buy Masters tickets

Unfortunately for most people reading this article, you can’t just go to Masters.com and purchase tickets every year. You also can’t walk up to the gates of Augusta National to grab a pair at the box office.

Augusta National awards Masters badges, as the tournament passes are known, through an annual lottery that opens in mid-May and closes in June. So if you wanted to go the traditional route, you’re far too late. The fortunate lottery winners, as well as the losers, received notification of their fate in July (spawning many great reactions from people in both camps).

Unless you have a loved one who works for a Masters corporate sponsor and can get you in that way, the only way get a glimpse of Tiger Woods’ title defense in person is through the secondary market.

One big warning: Augusta National does not condone Masters tickets begin sold on the secondary market, and tournament organizers have a sophisticated security system to prevent non-lottery winners from using secondary market tickets. In addition, badge holders caught selling their tickets have been punished in the past, including a Texas family that pleaded guilty to federal charges for participating in a Masters tickets resale scheme last summer.

2020 Masters ticket prices

As of this writing, 2020 Masters tickets are considerably lower than they were in 2019, as first reported by Outside the Cut and confirmed by a review of current prices on SeatGeek and StubHub. While a pass to the Monday practice round would have run you $546 in 2019, it will cost you as little as $383 on SeatGeek.

As the tickets become more desirable, the price differences become more pronounced. A much-coveted badge for Wednesday’s practice round, featuring the popular Par-3 Contest, is selling for $700 on StubHub. That’s down from $1,125 in 2019.

But what if you want to go all out and get a full tournament badge that gets you on the course for all four rounds? Those are always the most expensive tickets, and it’s no surprise why. The cheapest Thursday-Sunday ticket on StubHub is currently $4,038. While that’s a huge sum, it pales in comparison to the cheapest ticket last year, which was listed for $6,490 around this time.

Interestingly, the top range for Thursday-Sunday badges is far higher this year than it was in 2019, when the most expensive ticket topped out at just under $13,000. Right now you could splurge and pay $18,839 for a ticket to this year’s tournament (even though much cheaper options exist).

While the prices may be lower this year, it’s hard to argue that the people who bought secondary market tickets in 2019 got a bad deal. After all, they got to witness Tiger Woods end his 11-year major drought in one of the most memorable Masters of all time.

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